Is 3D Technology the Next Big Thing For Movies?

With the recent success of “Avatar”, will 3D technology become the next big thing for movies? With how things are going, it seems like it.

James Cameron’s “Avatar”

James Cameron’s “Avatar” is everything a movie should be and that is an amazing adventure that you can experience full on! This movie has a little bit of something for everyone.


HDTV? Plasma? LCD TV? No, the new TV revolution of this new decade is the 3D TV. Read on to get yourself acquainted with what this is all about.

No Day at the Beach – It’s the Desert For Sex and the City 2

Holy Shoulder Pads–Carrie and Co. have released the launch date (May 28, 2010), sneak peeks and the first official trailer of the much-awaited sequel Sex and the City 2–a.k.a. SATC2. Everyone but your mother appears to be cameo-ing along with the fab four–Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte–as the film carries on two years later since the first one sated our appetites for this girl-fest franchise. From the snippets we’ve read and seen, teeny teen sensation Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana upstages the un-upstageable Samantha by wearing the same gown (yes, it’s the horror, the horror) to a film premiere, and Liza Minelli sings at a gay wedding attended by the gal pals.

5 Cool Things You’ll Find in the Movie “Down With Love”

“Down With Love” is a film that pays homage to the sex comedies of the 1960s. Starring Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger, the film is a cute romantic about the love that sparks between a feminist author and a chauvinistic journalist. The plot is original and the score is truly unique, and while it was not widely popularized on the big screen, it has become a fan favorite for anyone who loves the sex comedies of the 1960s.

Miley Cyrus – Personal

Teenagers have always idolized celebrities and tend to then dress like them. The latest fashion queen seems to be Miley Cyrus. And she is not just some teen.

Twilight Role Playing

There are many reasons why twilight appeals to such a wide and varied audience. It takes themes of immortality and death, and couples them with thoughts on love, the nature of a relationship, and the nature of the preternatural world. As such it is natural for people to want to assume the roles of the characters in Twilight, in order to explore these themes for themselves.

100 Feet Review

This is definitely the kind of horror movie that I have been looking for, for a long time now. Like I have expressed before how much I dislike guts and blood being dished out as ‘arty’ horror, I can’t emphasis enough how horrors as this come as such a delectable pleasure. 100 feet is a story of Marnie (Famke Janssen), who was convicted for the murder of her abusive husband. After serving a sentence in a jail, she let out condition of house arrest. She is chained with an electronic…

How Movie Surveys Can Connect You With the Perfect Audience

It can be hard to be objective about movies, especially your own. Movie surveys can help show you what others are thinking.

Let’s See a Bob Dylan Movie!

Richie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Darin, Ray Charles and Johnny Cash are just some of the famous musicians that have gotten major Hollywood biopics made about them over the years. While there are many more musicians that deserve their own movie, none of them deserve it more than Bob Dylan. I’ve been a Dylan fan for a few years now and although his music is something you just have “to get”, his persona and legend is undeniable.

Green Screen Tips – Finding the Affordable Type

It is always advisable to look for Green Screen Tips when it comes to securing a place in the film industry. The issue of affordability comes into play every time you need to secure a good quality screen for your film shooting. Buying a green screen or (chroma key screen) can be expensive and building them on your own can be tiring. So, how do you determine the way to affordable green screens? This is the subject discussed in this article.

Freelance Screenwriters

Although there are many freelance screenwriters available, finding one that is a good fit is crucial to producing a top-notch screenplay. While there are plenty of talented freelance screenwriters who will be ready and willing to take on your project, you will want to hire a freelance screenwriter with which you can communicate effectively, and who understands your ultimate goal. They will be responsible for bringing your idea to life and, therefore, it is important to have similar goals and ideas so that you will both be on the same page when it comes to developing your screenplay.