“Waking Ned Devine” by Kirk Jones Is the Best Comedy I Have Ever Seen

In crafting “Waking Ned Devine” Kirk Jones has done what dozens of his peers have not done on their best day, and that is both write and direct a film worthy of being called the best. I would put Kirk Jones in the same incredible class of writer/directors as Tim McCanlies in Secondhand Lions. Kirk Jones has given this story heart, risk, honor, integrity, unity, romance, love, tolerance, chicanery and Irish whiskey all rolled into a masterpiece of storytelling. Waking Ned Devine is the funniest film I have ever seen and is also a study in relationships.

Why TV Serials Like “Lost” and “Prison Break” and “24” Annoy the Heck Out of Me

Sometimes I just like to sit down and do nothing for a while. I live a very busy life and I have lots of projects on the go all at once. Like so many others I also have my fair share of responsibilities to others so, my relaxation time is not that great. Have you ever set aside a time every week just to watch a particular TV show that hooked your interest with its first completely over-advertised episode? OK. I confess. I got sucked in. There are/were three TV serializations that got me interested. These are Prison Break, Lost and 24. Here is what I think about them…

Grey’s Anatomy – The Rise of a Franchise

When the Grey’s Anatomy Cast: Entertainers of the Year issue of entertainment weekly came out a lot of casual viewers were mildly bemused. How could Grey’s Anatomy have captured such an esteemed honor barely into its second season?


The art of brutality in its purest, rawest form. That is what UFC offers, or at least it did at one time. Gone are the days of the blood-lust, the modern UFC looks more like a ballet.

Vincent Pastore Quits Dancing with the Stars

After announcing his participation on the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars, a distinct reality dance series that showcases paired celebrities with professional dance partners in a live competition, in front of a studio audience and the entire nation, Vincent Pastore relinquishes from the popular celebrity reality series. Not getting any younger, he easily becomes weary of the rigorous dance training, which appears to be risky for his 60-year old physique.

Taye Digg’s Headed To Grey’s Spinoff

Taye Diggs is on his way to join Grey’s Anatomy in a bizarre trial run in anticipation of a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off. You caught up, yet? That’s a lot of info to take in, and ABC is certainly doing their best to confuse everyone. Because of a high discomfort of the gall bladder colic people often prefer to have a surgical intervention instead of alternative treatment.

“Sad Cypress” Is a Woman Scorned Who Becomes a Suspect in 2 Murders

Sad Cypress presents a suspected “murderer” with so much incriminating evidence that it seems unlikely that she did not do it. Even Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) has cause to question the innocence of Elinor Carlisle (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to commit two murders and is even convicted of doing so. But Poirot is nobody’s fool and does not tolerate apparent murders without intensive and thoughtful investigation.

Featuring the Manor of America’s Next Top Model

Popularly known for housing its model wannabes in finely crafted mansions, America’s Next Top Model makes another breakthrough as cycle 8 features a new fabulous abode.

Exclusive Interview – Liliana Gomez, 4th Survivor Voted Off

What’s thrilling and intriguing about reality shows is that you’re never really sure of what’s going to happen next. Just like in the last episode of Survivor: Fiji, another member of the Moto tribe was unexpectedly voted off.

Michael Rosenbaum is Soon Leaving Smallville

The unfortunate news is confirmed! After six amazing seasons, Michael Rosenbaum is planning to leave Smallville. His departure from the said show will transpire after his completion of the much-awaited seventh season.

Exclusive Interview – Roger Cross, Former Star of 24

Curtis Manning of CTU was one hell of a patriot, but that ended up being his downfall. Curtis was a loyal member of CTU and a loyal friend of Jack Bauer, but it was his friend Jack Bauer who had to murder him.

Biography – Miss Universe 1977

1977 was the year of the Snake in the Chinese Horoscope. Certainly, was a good year for those people who were born in the years 1929, 1941 and 1953.Trinidad Tobago has been known as one of the most beautiful countries in the Third World, but the Caribbean Island is also the birthplace of the first black Miss Universe Pageant in the History.