Its All About Magic, Movies and Magicians

For years magic and movies have gone hand in hand and they keep getting better. Movies about magicians are ever popular with the younger generation and its only gonna get better.

Cash in From Coraline – Movie Profits!

May 2009 sees the UK release of the movie Coraline, and there is certainly potential for making online profits, and here’s how. It takes a long time for some films to be released globally, and Coraline has an 8 month release time span!

Princess Protection Program – When Two Worlds Collide

What will happen when the world of a two very different girls collide? How could a newly developed bond stick when the world around them is keeping them apart. This is the story of friendship, loyalty and individuality.

Ultimate Figher Reality TV Show

Ultimate fighting is a sport that offers fighters with mixed martial arts experience to compete in an all-out freestyle fight for cash purse awards. The sport has been around for quite a while, but it wasn’t until the reality television show “Ultimate Fighter” aired in 2005 that the world suddenly became aware of its newest favorite spectator sport. The “Ultimate Fighter” series is a reality television series.

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

The Mayans predicted that the end of the world would come in the 2012. Christianity predicts the end of times or Armageddon, as a time of great violence and upheaval. Some say the end of times is already upon us, right now, as we speak. Floods, earthquakes, pestilence, poverty, government corruption, failing economies, tidal waves, and unspeakable acts of human ignorance-these sorts of things supposedly mark the end of the world. While we may not know when it will happen or how, Hollywood has kept us prepared with a whole barrage of end of the world scenarios, most of them made for HD TV sets.

Timeline – Miss Universe – The Olympics of Beauty

A chronology of key events. 1952 – The first Miss Universe is held in Long Beach, California, with 30 states and regions. Armi Kuusela (Finland) becomes Miss Universe.

Star Trek – The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the first movie based on the highly successful and acclaimed TV Series. Released in 1979, partially thanks to the success of Star Wars, it fulfilled the dream of its creator, Gene Rodenberry, to bring his work to a larger audience. Initially Paramount was reluctant to release the movie and actually planned to release a follow-up series to the original series, but with science fiction movies becoming more mainstream they finally were convinced, thanks to much hard work by Rodenberry, to bring the series to the theater.

The Script is the Backbone of a Movie – Don’t Neglect it

After that we would hit a few bars together the rare times I was in the Hollywood area (after a few drinks you can tolerate almost anyone). After a night out with a couple of cast and crew members he handed me a copy of the script.

Primeval Television Series and the Depiction of the Pachycephalosaur Dracorex

The highly successful television series “Primeval” is currently being transmitted in the UK on ITV1 at peak viewing time on Saturday evenings. Many dinosaurs and prehistoric animals have been featured including Pachycephalosaurs (bone-headed dinosaurs) and one particular Pachycephalosaur – Dracorex. Devised by the team behind the “Walking with Dinosaurs” franchise, state of the art special effects and dinosaur models are used to recreate a vast array of prehistoric animals from Permian predators, to Pterosaurs and of course, everyone’s favourites – Dinosaurs! However, television appearances can be deceptive, take for example the depiction of Dracorex.

Richard and Judy Chat Show Dropped

Richard and Judy have been a major part in every British TV viewer’s life for the last few decades. The couple rose to fame when they got a role on This Morning, which they actually hosted from its inception up until 2001. They became much loved on the show that a lot of people actually forgot the name of it and started calling is Richard and Judy.

A Bully Out of the Boardroom

This is about the recent season of The Celebrity Apprentice and describing a bully verses a strong personality. Also, about the behavior seen in the bully on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Could Hollyoaks Rival Eastenders and Corrie?

Throughout the world people are obsessed with watching their loved soaps, it has become somewhat of an addiction, and people will be upset even if they miss an episode. So they end up recording it or rushing to the nearest TV screen to watch it. Here in the UK though there have only really been two major soaps that are watched by the millions, and they are Eastenders and Coronation Street, both of these soaps have been going for decades and get stronger and stronger each year.