Dark Star (1974) Review

Dark Star is an entertaining science trip to mid 21st century space, with some interesting characters who have serious communication problems. Not everybody might have a taste for the film though, since it’s a low budget sci-fi with a humorous angle.

The Happening and Its Assumptions About Evolution

The plants in the film the Happening seem to have evolved evolutionary traits that defend them against humans. However, it is not clear how these traits work only against humans. other evolutionary assumptions of this film seem rather unjustified.

What Makes a TV Show Successful?

Some TV series live a long and happy life – The Simpsons. Some get canceled before their season’s end – “Firefly”, and some become a nuisance – “Prison Break”. What makes a TV show successful?

The Happening (2008) Review

New York City, Central Park is busy with people. Someone screams in the distance. Some people look curious at what’s happening. Then they freeze. They can’t move unless for a single purpose: to kill themselves.

Hancock (2008) Review

Hancock is an uneven mess, made even more so with a constantly shaking camera, that often reminded me on Battlefield Earth (2000), confused with itself as a genre film, taking itself too seriously – not knowing if it is an adventure, comedy, thriller, romance or a superhero movie. The concept of a bum superhero who needs to improve his public image is cool, but the movie unfortunately is a dud.

Do the Male Celebrities Have it Easier on Dancing With the Stars?

On Dancing with the Stars their always seems to be a men vs. women competition going on. Who really has had the advantage on the show?

Do the Athlete Celebrities on DWTS Have an Advantage?

If you have been following DWTS you will know that some of the competitors have been athletes. Read on to see if these athletes had a competitive advantage over their fellow stars.

Giant Robots Are Trashing the City – Mecha Anime

When you’re watching Japanese animation, it’s not unusual for you to notice the giant robots in these series that walk around, do battle with large guns and missiles, destroying everything for miles around? If you have, then what you just watched was definitely mecha anime!

A Healthy Mind and Body – The Characters of VeggieTales

Just when you thought all the cartoons and series on television or the computer glorified the excesses of war, sex and financial success, here comes the inimitable show, VeggieTales. Based on the moral principles of Christianity (and applicable to Judaism), these guys are no mere talking vegetables.

TV, Made Simple – And Affordable

These days cable is a must. While local news is good, there is so much more to be seen on CNN and other major national networks. Then there’s sports. ESPN, FSN, all those big channels provide 24/7 sports action. Cable TV also has the best movies on channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, BET, and the likes. No doubt about it, cable TV has become a staple among households all across the country.

Kymani Marley and Shottas Help People to Speak Jamaican

Shottas is a Jamaican Gangster film that follows in the tradition of Scarface. The movie stars Kymani Marley, Spragga Benz, Wyclef Jean and several other prominent Caribbean actors. This movie is great for any fan of Jamaica’s “badman” culture and any fan of Jamaican Patois.

Little Green Men in Your TV – Roswell Through a Pop Culture Perspective

The Roswell UFO Incident is one of the most popular, enduring and fascinating conspiracy theories of all time. It’s safe to say that after that, the world has been gripped by a UFO hysteria that it has not quite completely gotten out from, until now.