Rehashing the Most Memorable Speed Racer Cartoon Characters

Do you enjoy recalling episodes from the original Speed Racer cartoon – and the memorable Speed Racer cartoon characters – that now leaves you grabbing at thin air as to just what their names were and the prominent position that they played in the Speed family and in a cartoon series that spanned 52 on-air original episodes in the United States? The cartoon emanated from famous creator, Tatsuo Yoshida, and his Mach GoGoGo manga series. It would later become so viral and satiable that it would be turned into a fully fledged animation series.

Why Are Warehouses Always Places of Violence in Movies?

Does any location get as a bad a reputation from the movies as warehouses do? Think about it, they’re essential to modern life yet movies like The Departed, Kick-***, Layer Cake, Unknown, Hard Boiled, Shoot ’em Up, etc..

The Talent-Hunt Agencies to Keep You Updated On Latest Casting Calls

What Is Casting Calls? It is the smartest way of presenting your talent on stage, in front of the audience and judges. It can be quite a challenging task with many attendees or aspirants wanting to win them.

Acting Casting Calls – How to Approach Them and Better Your Chances of Winning

Many actors choose to work exclusively on TV soaps, commercials, or radio spots. Such professionals have been able to make a decent living with those professions, because there always are plenty of good opportunities available in the industry. While being lucrative, there are stiff competitions in these fields too.

5 Tips To Convert Your Model Audition Into A Call

Most of the times struggling actors get a call for model auditions but fail to take it forward. To convert the free modeling auditions call into an opportunity you need to make few extra efforts.

Friday Night Bites

This article is about the third Vampire Diaries episode of season one. It shows the most important happenings in the episode.

Movie Review of One for the Money

Sometimes I have to wonder if I should give up reading books entirely – especially if there is even the slightest chance they might be made into a movie. The reason I say this is because, with only a handful of exceptions, the movie adaptation of a relatively good book is almost always less than stellar–and there’s few things in life more disappointing than a movie that takes a great story and tells it all wrong. You can now add “One for the Money” to that long and distinguished list.

Movie Review: Safe House (2012)

How many times have we seen government conspiracy action films with double agents, microchips, and rogue operatives running rampant? Well, here’s one more. Safe House offers almost nothing we haven’t seen before, though it does still deliver its fair share of thrills.

A Winning Concept – The 20 Mile March

Lesson: be prepared before you start any endeavor. Study, train and understand the terrain you’re facing. Know your priorities – conquer your challenge with a system. Expect the worse case scenario times 10 – have several back up plans. Keep marching! Never stop! Keep MARKETING… Never stop! Want a FREE 15 minute Career Consult? Request one HERE:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

As you imagine sitting in front of a warm log fire in the winter and entering the fantasy world of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the icy cold snow, it seems like you could enter another world. The wonderful world of fantasy and adventure awaits you as you enter the wardrobe with the children that make this beautiful journey one to remember forever.

Sherlock and Rationality in Modern Times

In July 2010, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s spectacular new television series, Sherlock, aired in the UK. The three 90-minute episodes gave the public a much needed reminder of why Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories are so timeless, and why his greatest character is still a hero in modern times.

How A Television Aerial Works

A television aerial is an antenna that is connected to the television for better reception. It is composed of a metal boom with several crisscrossing metal booms.