The Top 50 Inspirational Movies

This is my list of the movies that inspire me the most. I am a movieholic and hope you guys find inspiration from this list. Enjoy the show.

Guide to Surviving a Chick Flick

So the summer is here and so far the weather has been bad. Actually that’s an understatement – it’s been terrible. So with the rain lashing down no doubt the girlfriend will drag you off to the cinema to see another plot-by-numbers chick flick. You can’t say no, but you can make the experience a bit more enjoyable with the help of the ‘Guide to Surviving a Chick Flick.’

Comic Books and Graphic Novels Taking Over Hollywood

If you are a movie fan like me than you have probably noticed the upswing in Hollywood studios going to the comic book and graphic novel well for ideas lately. Makes me wonder if the Hollywood studios are just running out of original ideas or are they finally giving credit to the right people.

Skins – To Watch Or Not to Watch?

Such a question arises when you look through recent TV releases and there’s nothing extreme enough to satisfy your demanding taste. Some of the critics give it awards, and some would gladly ban it and cross it out of the charts. But what causes such a disruptive reaction?

A Few Facts About Audrey Hepburn

Everyone today regardless whether they are movie fans or not have heard the name Audrey Hepburn because of the impact she has made. Hepburn has made a great impact on the film industry through her roles on screen and off. She is known for their fashion and style creating individuality and making herself stand out from the crowd.

Precis of Eleventh Hour Episodes

What we have with the eleventh hour is a show that seems to have incredibly great potential. It is in the style of crime solving investigation shows.

Use of Free Public Domain Movies That Will Keep Lawyers Happy

Most people, at one time or another, will have to produce some kind of multi-media presentation, either for school or for their job. If you are a salesperson or business owner, you probably do this all the time. A basic multi-media presentation includes not only your own written words, but maybe a few quotes, a couple of graphics, some nice music, or a film clip or two.

Pscyh TV Show – Six Reasons Why I Love It

I watch Psych TV Show religiously every week. I know, I know – not everyone likes it. Yes, I know that the show can sometimes have bland and unpredictable mysteries that even my dog could solve, but hey, everyone has their flaws, right?

The Quest For the Holy Grail

Find your authentic powers by watching movies. Becoming conscious of the Hero’s Journey presents us with an opportunity to become a bigger, better, wiser, more whole human being. And that is regardless of whether the hero who undertakes the journey is Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones or you!

Psych Episode Finale – An Evening With Mr Yang

We are approaching the end of the season and the psych episodes have come to an end for this year. I can still remember the shenanigans of Shawn and Gus. Especially the first time Shawn pretends to be psychic.

Mad Men Returns to the Small Screen

Having recently premiered the second season, the critically acclaimed series Mad Men is back for television audiences to enjoy. The popular series is based on a New York City advertising firm, and gets its name from a term used to refer to those who worked in the city’s advertising district of Madison Avenue. The show is set in the early 1960s and has been praised for accurately showcasing the historical landscape at the time.

What is the Deal With Digital?

Most of us are aware that television in the UK is going digital. Some countries underwent this process as long as 2006 and some aren’t planning on doing so until 2015. The UK is sitting somewhere in the middle, with a complete switchover due to be executed by 2012.