I Think Hard For My Money – Mind-Bending Shows on Satellite TV

While not all will admit it, most people strive to acquire the most amount of money possible while putting forth the smallest amount of work and effort. This idea leads directly into the creation and adoration of competitive reality shows. Many shows focus on who is stronger or has more endurance than the other competitors, but there are some shows out there that reward human intellect just as handsomely.

The Most Notable Movie and Film Moments of 2008

I refuse to do a Top Ten Films list. First, I haven’t seen enough movies, only a few dozen of the films that were released this year to be quite honest. Second, when you start micromanaging things to that level it is so subjective as to be meaningless.

Free Satellite TV Movies? Watch Out!

The only way to find the wide variety of movies available on satellite TV, is to become a satellite TV subscriber. Recent pop-up ads and banners on various websites have promised “watch satellite movies for free” and “free satellite movies on any computer.”

Creating a Popular Video

Don’t just make a video; create one that will be popular with every viewer! Read and see how to do it in these simple steps!

World of WarCraft Featured on South Park – A Poke at Fun

I was stumbling and surfing through the television the other night. When I came across a television show that I hardly ever watch because I think it is obnoxious. It was called South Park.

A Boy Becomes a Man

This is a review of the movie *Gran Torino.* I not only discuss the aesthetic aspects of it, but the philosophy and themes as well. I find that the movie relates well to themes of manhood and masculinity.

Tips For Meeting a Casting Company

The acting life is one that requires constant readiness and the ability to go with the flow. You’ll need to be prepared for anything that could come up, if you really want to work. Meeting with a casting company is one of the most valuable things you can do in your career as an actor and it’s important to make a good impression. So, what should you do? We’ve put together a few tips to help you out.

Movie Star – Celebrity Photos

Movies and movie stars have become the epicenter of today’s entertainment industry. With the rapid propagation of World Wide Web you don’t have to wait anymore for the monthly issues of popular film magazines. Your favorite celebrity photos, pictures and wallpapers are a single click away.

Top 10 DVDs For Kids

Can you remember the great movies from your childhood, ones that really had an impact; maybe some are on this list, maybe not. There are so many great movies for kids that this Top 10 really can’t do the category justice. There were many note-worthy possibilities that stand out from my own childhood that did not make the list.

Blu-Ray – Best 5 Blu-Ray Movies of 2008

We all like a compilation, especially when it’s a compilation of the year’s best movies. So here it is, the top 5 movies out on Blu-Ray in 2008 are…..

Directing the Watchmen Movie As Faithful As Possible

The trailer of this much-awaited film adaptation of the hit comic book series already has fans waiting with much anticipation. The movie is set in an alternate America in the year 1985, with the only difference is the presence of caped and costumed superheroes. But unlike most stories with superheroes having superhuman powers, only of the characters in the Watchmen movie has obvious superhuman powers: Doctor Manhattan.

How to “Give Good Meeting” to Launch Your Entertainment Career

How you present yourself in a meeting is imperative in the launching of a successful career in Entertainment. With this article you will learn insider tips on giving a great meeting as well as pitfalls to avoid.