TV Shows That Rock – Why You Want to Watch 24

In the new season of 24 Jack Bauer is served a subpeona at a senate hearing to release him to the custody of the FBI. Jack Bauer hits the ground running to protect the United States from another threat to its security but this time the threat is from within.

Alas, We Say Goodnight

As you may have read, Patrick McGoohan, the Emmy award winning Actor who created the cult TV show “The Prisoner,” died yesterday in Los Angeles after a short illness. He was 80.

Catch the Best of Wong Kar Wai on Satellite TV

Wong Kar Wai may not be a household name, but to cinephiles, he is considered one of the best Hong Kong cineastes around. If you haven’t caught any of his films, do so. The cinematography is breathtaking; Wong Kar Wai’s use of wide open shots, gorgeous saturated lighting, and decadent color schemes stands out in high definition. The films he shoots are truly works of art, only a flat screen HDTV will do justice to his masterpieces. You can get up to speed on the Wong Kar Wai catalogue by tuning in to your satellite TV programming. Of course, you may be tempted to buy the HD DVDs after you get a taste of his films.

The Wild World of Terry Gilliam, Only on Satellite TV

Terry Gilliam is the sort of person you admire, for his artistic vision, his brilliant comedic output, and his seemingly sheer nuttiness; but despite his dazzling career, his work has been marked by misfortune numerous times. Floods, the deaths of lead actors, including the formidable Heath Ledger, injuries and budget wars have all led to drastic changes in Gilliam’s works. Some movies have never been fully completed.

CNN HD – Because the News Matters

24 hour news outlets are now something of a given. We can get our news fix anytime we want, courtesy of satellite TV news channels such as CNN. CNN or cable news network, was actually founded way back in 1980-it was the very first station to provide 24-hour television news coverage and today it is second to the BBC with the most employed journalists and worldwide bureaus. CNN is also America’s number one news network.

Lars Von Trier’s Films on Satellite TV

Lars von Trier is probably one of the most innovative and distinctive film makers to emerge from Denmark since Carl Theodor Dreyer. The Copenhagen native, studied film at the Danish Film School and garnered international accolades with his first feature, a highly stylized piece with an idiosyncratic color scheme. He later went on to direct slew of ground-breaking and award winning films. Each is an exquisitely thought out piece of work, with interesting shots and equally intriguing plotlines.

National Geographic – Satellite TV’s Surprise Hit

We all know the magazines-brilliant photo essays, epigraphs on dying native cultures, fascinating exposes on ancient cultures. National Geographic is prolific, so much so, it’s become a classic. Everyone has a subscription. But did you know that Nat Geo has its very own channel, which you can catch via your satellite TV subscription? The channel invites you to know your world; it hopes to inspire you to care about the planet. Nat Geo features tons of exciting content.

Rumor Mongering – Celebrity Gossip Gone Wild Straight From Satellite TV

Celebrities, whether you love them or hate them they are here to stay. But let’s face it, we all love celebrities and we absolutely cannot get enough of them. They entertain us with their silly indulgences and their diva attitudes. We love to ogle as they spend fortunes on shoes and leggings; we’re obsessed with their romances as they flirt with sports stars and has been music sensations. The glamour, the scandal, the intrigue, it’s all there.

Satellite TV’s Hidden Ecological Gem, Planet Green

Going green has become extremely popular of late. Corporations are jumping on board, while everyday citizens like you and me are trying to erase our carbon footprints by turning off the lights, switching to solar and eating locally grown produce. We only have one world after all, and fortunately, more and more people are wising up to the situation. However, as one little frog so eloquently stated, being green isn’t easy. It takes conscious effort.

Showtime – Showcasing the Best Satellite TV Has to Offer

Many TV shows are mind crushingly uninteresting, common and dull. If you find there’s nothing to watch, then you haven’t got Showtime and it’s time to call up your satellite TV company and get yourself hooked up. Showtime offers something different. Its shows are fresh, complex, and original. You’ll find yourself hooked. There are several multiplex channels under the Showtime logo, including an all HD or high definition channel, and several movie channels.

The Discovery Channel – Shows You Can’t Miss

The Discovery Channel is satellite TV’s treasure trove. While much of what you’ll find on the tube can be rather mind numbing, there is certainly a no doubt that the Discovery Channel stands out above the rest for its informative, high quality productions. Let’s face it, where else can learn about dinosaurs, desert survival, ghosts, how candy bars are made, sports, secret clans and ancient fighting techniques? The sheer variety on offer is incredible and the quality is definitely first rate.

The Independent Film Channel – Satellite TV Goes Indie

Moving away from the mainstream, mass-produced, mind crushing junk we get on most channels, the Independent Film Channel, or simply just IFC, proposes something different. They provide an innovative, fresh alternative to the rest of what is out there, with their blend of independent, original shows, documentaries and movies. If you like films with foreign accents, anime, spaghetti westerns, bizarre Japanese horror flicks, the Coppola daughter, skateboarding, and gourmet dinners, IFC is just for you.