Action Films Through The Ages

Action films have gone through a lot of changes since they were at their most popular ten to fifteen years ago when Sly and Arnie ruled the silver screen. Fortunately though, the latest incarnation of the action film is sure to keep the genre at the top of the box office takings for some time to come.

The Hottest Girl In Bollywood

Shilpa Shetty was born on 8 June, 1975 in Karnatka, India. Her nick name is Manya, but she is called Babucha by her mother. She is five feet and ten inches tall woman. Her mother name is Sunanda and her father name is Surender Shetty. Her parents were models in their time. Her father has done modeling for Year glasses and her mother has done modeling for Bournvita and Forhans.

Are You Ready For HDTV?

Just like other electrical appliances and home equipment, the television has continued to evolve. From the early days of analog black and white, we have advanced through color and solid state transmissions to the latest world of high definition television. The question remains, are you ready for HDTV?

Pretty Woman – A Cinderella Story?

Do you love movies? Have an opinion about Pretty Woman, or other movies?

Too Many Television Shows For Our Teens To Have Shared Memories As Adults

Because so many people were watching so few shows, the people in this age group (the younger half of the baby boom) have a shared nostalgia of television shows of their youth. I worry that our teens won’t experience this when they are our age.

Movie and Sports Fans Don’t Get Bored Anymore

For a long time it was easy to get bored with television, but that has changed today with the packages and special events packages that are offered by all the TV providers. It used to be that there were movie stations that just showed the same thing over many times…

High Definition Television – What Is All The Fuss

The first High Definition television sets appeared on the market in 1998 and this excited tech junkies as well as movie watchers and sports fans as it was a picture like no other. This was the first major change in television viewing in more than half a century; the last was when over the air broadcasts began broadcasting in color in 1953. This change in 1953 still allowed viewers with black and white televisions to still view the channels with no noticeable change, this is called backward compatible.

Movies Past and Future Formats Changing with the Times

Movies have long been a favorite of many people and through the years they have gone to theaters and paid the price as costs rose over the years to where it can amount to the price of paying a bill. It is not unusual today to pay fifty to one hundred dollars for a night out at the movies, with dinner, admission tickets, along with soft drinks and goodies for during the movie and then add the price of today’s price at the gas pump.

Kate Beckinsale – Brief History and her Career

Kids of popular celebrities are most likely to be celebrities as well. They may be singers, actors or models, whatever they are, they are famous as well. Maybe they inherit such properties from their parents which make them famous and popular as well.

Why is Anime Addicting?

Watching anime is extremely addicting versus watching cartoons, why is that? Through this article let’s explorer some of the key reasons behind its addictiveness.

Film Review – There Will Be Blood

The 2007 film ‘There Will Be Blood,’ written for the screen and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, rightly deserves its place as an American epic masterpiece. This haunting and highly involved tale revolves around the life of independent oilman, Daniel Plainview ( Daniel Day – Lewis ), and his adopted son, as they search for ‘black gold’ within the rough terrain of the California desert at the turn of the 20th century. Daniel Plainview’s ambition as an oil entrepreneur is a fiercely rugged journey, fascinatingly portrayed in parallel to the historical development of the Industrial Revolution…

Aimee & Jaguar (1999) – A Love Story Between a German Housewife and a Jewish Journalist

This article compares the story of a tragic lesbian love affair between a German married woman and a Jewish journalist in Nazi Germany in the medium of literature and in the film medium. The analysis of ellipses, innovative added elements and variations of the original elements reveals that the film version has a complex ideological pro German message whereas Fischer’s book and other witnesses try to give a more skeptical view of the love affair.