Casting Agents – Playing An Important Role In Furnishing Talents

The casting agents are believed to the main persons behind the success of a talented individual. The film producers of today are on a constant hunt for the people with different talents and they tend to select individuals only after consulting these casting agents.

Improve Your Chances Of Becoming A Star By Getting Maximum Casting Calls

If you dream of becoming a star and excelling in the field of media then don’t forget to subscribe to different casting agencies which can offer you a whole range of model casting calls and movie casting calls. You can use them as to stairs towards achieving great heights in your career.

Watch Movies Anywhere on Portable Video Mp3 Players

If you are a movie fan or just occasionally need some way to entertain your self over the course of several hours when you will be away from television, cable or DVD players, then you should look at one of the portable video mp3 players. To watch you movie, you simply select the movie and watch the show on the built in screen of the video mp3 player.

Yet Another Firangee Chic in Aladin

Well, Love Aaj Kal came in like a storm and created waves in the Bollywood film fraternity leaving no stones unturned. Love Aaj Kal had many aspects which left the audience to ponder. But one thing that left people lost in thought was the naïve Punjabi girl in the film who played or rather justified the role of Harleen.

Indiana Jones DVD Set – 28 Years of Movie History

The good news is they have an Indiana Jones DVD Box Set that offers all four movies instead of the original three. This way you don’t have to go out and purchase them separately.

The Global Appeal of Star Trek

Star Trek is a science fiction franchise comprising six television series, ten films plus numerous books, comics, games and collectibles. This far out series is portrayed as a universe where poverty, want, and illness have been eliminated. More than thirty million fans watch Star Trek programming around the world every week.

Thrill Yourself With Action Movies

Films are one of the best source of entertainment for people, especially the youngsters and adolescents. They create thrill and excitement with various exciting scenes in them. There are even incidents or stories that one might not have seen in his entire life. For people who love adventure, drama and action, the films are ultimate source of enjoyment. This is the simple reason why people go to watch movies in their weekend time to relax themselves.

John Hughes – He Defined a Generation

OK, confession time. I fully admit that when I found out that Hollywood writer/director John Hughes had died of a massive heart attack in New York City at the age of 59, I cried.

Top 10 Gifts For That Transformers Fan

If you are thinking of buying a gift for a friend who is a Transformers fanatic, here is a list of fantastic gift ideas which can help you make a fast decision. I am sure every Optimus Prime fan will die to own…

Compiling a Unique Movie List For Friends

You’ve gotten quite the reputation among friends for being someone who knows their film lore. In fact, friends come to you in order to find out what movies to watch and which to ignore. But just because you adore movies doesn’t mean you want to spend all of your time telling others what they should see. Instead, you might want to create a movie list that your friends can review and from there, they can make decisions as to which movie tickets or DVDs to buy. And a movie list will take up less of your time than your friends might.

Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal

Love Aaj Kal is a very well crafted tale of modern love. Yes people know when the soul mates meet light goes off but ladies and gentlemen people aren’t stupid enough to live life by some light, now are they? Jai and Meera meet in London and start living out a relationship.

“Bee Movie” Night

Yes, it’s been around for awhile, but I watched it for the first time tonight, and I really got a kick out of it. My daughter loves this movie and has wanted me to watch it. Jerry Seinfeld, who co-wrote and produced this movie, was a perfect Barry Benson, who with all his good intentions to right what he believed to be a wrong, almost destroys what Mother Nature intended.