Make Your Cable TV Four Times Easier to Use

Imagine never having an argument over who controls the remote at home ever again? By using a personal digital recorder, life is made even easier in Australia by a software roll-out to progressively upgrade all iQ2 personal digital recorders (PDRs) to automatically activate Four Tuner functionality.

Movies, DVDs and TV For the Holidays at Home

Many people may be searching for different ways to spend quality time with family and friends this Holiday season. Enjoying movies, watching DVD’s and family or Holiday TV may provide a popular alternative this year to lavish spending on gifts and presents.

Grease the Movie – Experience the Fun All Over Again

No matter how many more years come and go, we’ll always know that “Grease is the word.” Relive the music and fun of one of the best movie musicals around.

Frighteningly Funny – Horror and Comedy Movies

There are many horror movies that include comedy and witty humour. There are more serious horror movies or even comedy spoofs based on the horror films.

Chucky Returns – From Child’s Play to BRIDE, SEED and Beyond

A look at the CHILD’S PLAY series of horror films and their infamous possessed doll, CHUCKY. With the remake on the way, it’s time to look back at one of cinema’s most notorious creatures, as well as an easy guide to making your own Chucky costume!

Sheree and Nene of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Imagine renting a nice luxury vehicle and then coming home and calling “Big poppa” and telling him that’s what you would like to purchase today. At any moment I thought they were going to tackle her to the floor. She should have walked her pampered legs upstairs and personally apologized for the mix up.

From General Hospital to American History X – And Beyond

Ever heard of John Martinuzzi? Unless you’re a real soap opera fan from way back in the 1980s, you’ve probably not heard of him. Ever heard of John Morrissey?

New Bond Film Goes Down Smooth With Critics

The new Bond film is set for release within the next two days and I can’t wait. This has been one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year and I am trying to find as many pictures, articles and information about the film as possible. I am a Bond fan through and through, they have been my favourite films for years.

Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Resurrections

The horror genre is full of ridiculous returns from the grave, this article highlights some of the funniest character resurrections in horror films. With each installment of a horror series generally ending with the death of the bad guy film makers constantly had to come up with new ways to resurrect them and for long running franchises the resurrections inevitably got more and more ridiculous.

Louisiana Film Tax Credits Create Needed Economic Punch

Like their famous food dishes, Louisiana’s film industry is becoming a “hot” commodity. And if it seems like you are seeing more and more movies and television shows being produced in Louisiana you are not alone.

Kung Fu Films

Since the late 1920s when the first sound film has been made, kung fu has taken a more and more important role in many kinds of films. Our first Chinese Kung fu film star was Li Xiaolong (Bruce Lee), who was really famous in Asia and America. He is sure to be the most important person in China’s kung fu film history.

Entertainment Hollywood Legends – Great Movie Stars of All Time

Since the dawn of film making, Hollywood has been producing legends. These legends, whether they are actors, actresses, or directors are responsible for taking the community at large and transporting them for two hours into a world that is unlike any they have known.