Top 5 Cartoons in TV History

Grownups move aside, ’cause this one’s for the wee ones. Animated series on TV have a long and proud history, and cartoons themselves have been around almost since the beginning of film itself. Today, the genre is beefed up with computer effects and super-duper high definition, crystal-clear images, but that’s not to say that the old school of cartoons has nothing to offer today’s young ones.

The 101 Network Continues to Deliver Fans Exclusive Shows

While it is still new and considered a fledgling network by most standards, The 101 Network is quickly making a name for itself. The network is home to tons of original music programming, from interviews with up and coming artists to live concerts from some of the world’s biggest acts. The channel also airs a number of original television shows, from a trivia show that pits some of music’s biggest acts against one another in a charity trivia showdown to a small claims court run by Jamie Kennedy that uses celebrity comedians to argue each side of the case.

Essential Supernatural Thrillers

The supernatural or supranatural has fascinated human beings for centuries. Every culture has some form of supernatural belief be it ghosts, spells, divinations, or magic. Naturally, or shall we say, preternaturally, the supernatural is the perfect theme for the big screen.

Sex and the City on Satellite TV

With a racy and intriguing title, Sex and the City became one of the most widely watched and enjoyed shows during its 6 seasons. Millions of American women would tune into HBO on satellite TV to watch four New Yorkers, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha tear up Manhattan with their endless escapades with men, eternally searching for love.

Watch Anthony Bourdain Tell it Like it is on Satellite TV

Anthony Bourdain’s irreverent take on the underworld of the culinary scene in his memoir Kitchen Confidential catapulted the New York chef cum author into the limelight. He became known for his witty, rambunctious observations about food around the world. Of course, this infamous bad boy chef now has his own show, No Reservations, which you can catch on the Travel Channel via your local satellite TV or cable subscription.

24 – What Can’t Jack Bauer Do?

24 is quite possibly the most explosive television show in recent years. With a distinctive format and a powerful premise that makes viewers question current events, the show has almost everything needed to be an instant winner. Add award-winning actor Keifer Sutherland to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for an action packed thriller that doesn’t let off the throttle. After six seasons (with seasons 7 and 8 on the way), his character has developed into a multi-dimensional, emotional being. Now being broadcast in high definition, you can’t stand to miss another minute of this great show.

Catch the Top Five Modern Movie Psychos on Satellite TV

Every now and then, a movie with special killer appeal comes out. In it, some fantastically nutty wackjob gives us a virtuoso performance in the art of celluloid madness. These on screen monsters are downright creepy. Their talents usually lie in the realm of killing, although some have other abilities which lend to their psycho status. Without doubt, though, these cunning psychopaths make for a great movie.

Cultivating the Adult Mind With Television

Although many educational shows are geared towards younger learners, adult education is just as important to channels such as Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and PBS. Each of these channels strives to educate adult audiences on a variety of topics ranging from the history of WWII, the mating habits of adult sharks, and raising global political awareness. High definition television sharpens the clarity of these programs and enhances the minute details of each program allowing the adult student to experience an unprecedented learning experience.

Modern Horror Movie Classics on Satellite TV

Monster movies have been a staple of the Hollywood film scene since at least the early 1920’s when audiences were thrilled with The Lost World, a tale of battling dinosaurs. Monsters have always managed to capture our imaginations, impressing us with their ferocity and sending chills down our spine as they wreak damage across the big screen chomping on buildings and trampling people as if it were all in good fun, like a sordid sports competition.

Here’s to You Mrs Robinson – Top 5 Coming of Age Films on Satellite TV

“You’re trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson.” With those words Dustin Hoffman eternally captured the cinematic theme of older female characters lusted after by young men. The common thread in this Top 5 list are the angst-ridden young men who look to find solace or meaning in the older women in their lives.

Watch Ghost Hunters on Satellite TV

A good ghost story isn’t just for the campfire. With the Sci-Fi channel’s latest hit Ghost Hunters (available in HD), you can enjoy these spine chilling tales each week from the comfort of your own couch. The reality styled television show follows a group of paranormal investigators who work for TAPS or The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Rahman, Yuvvraaj and Ghajini – Deadly Combo

A R Rahman is back with a bang, with twin weapon, where in Ghajini he sounds like Classical South Indian of Rahman, in Yuvvraaj he shows his is true mettle Rahman, what he’s made off and what can he do. HAIL Rahman, for quite some time there were good songs, courtesy new kids on the block like Atif and Mustafa, supported by contemporary seniors like KK and of-course Mahesh Bhatt, but the rich, the gala, the orchestra, the symphony was missing, also since I’ve left south, I was missing that typical south touch, that we had for films like rangeela, humse hai muqabla, and the like.