The Godfather – A Must Watch Film

Whether you enjoy a good book or love to sit down and watch a film there are always some good plot lines and stories to get you captivated. One of the greatest stories that you can both buy in book form and DVD form is the Godfather which has been acclaimed as the best film ever made by a number of critics, individuals and film makers alike.

Changes to Movie Formats Over the Last 20 Years

Over the last 20 years movie technology has come along in leaps and bounds and the developments have all helped provide us with an entertainment experience that just keeps getting better and better. Firstly, there was Betamax and VHS which were videotape formats of movies, and although the VHS format became the most popular one, this new technology enabled people to watch movies at home cheaply for the first time.

Interesting History of the Development of Cable Television

Community Antenna Television is the grandmother of what we call cable television today. In 1948, John and Margaret Walson solved a big problem for their television set customers. Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, where John and Margaret sold televisions, is nestled in the mountains, and city residents had trouble receiving television signals from the three network broadcast stations in nearby Philadelphia.

The Convenience of Movie Channels

The days of driving to the movie rental store to meander through the isles in the hopes of finding the perfect movie are rapidly coming to an end. Nowadays, it is not necessary to sort through hundreds of titles by hand without even knowing if you will find a movie that you will find interesting. Instead of waiting in the line at Blockbuster, movie fanatics have started using the wide variety of movie channels available on satellite TV.

Argentine Television and Cinema – Ripples in the International Scene on Satellite TV

Argentina has a long and proud history of cinema and television, making it one of the countries that most contributed to the development and conquest of film and television across the globe. Exhibiting tremendous initiative and ingenuity, Argentina was present on the film scene from the very first moment practically, and proudly produced the first feature-length animated movie in history, El apostol (The Apostle), as well as partaking of many of the innovative applications of the new technology, such as documentaries and news reels.

Watch the Wizard of Oz – A Classic For All Times on Satellite TV

Those ruby red slippers, the munchkins and the wicked witches – who can forget the wonderful tale of Dorothy Gale? The film is a perennial favorite. First released in 1939 by MGM at the height of the studio’s golden years, Oz wasn’t a great financial hit, but critics hailed it as outstanding and the movie has since become a classic within the film canon.

5 Holiday Movies to Watch Together

Baby, it’s cold outside! Stay warm watching a holiday movie.

5 Outstanding TV Shows That Could Include Cheap Landau Scrubs

Have you seen the TV show “Scrubs”? It has won both an Emmy Award and Peabody Award. The show has been airing on network TV, since the fall of 2001. It continues a history of quality TV shows based on employment in the medical field. Interestingly, the comedy-drama is not named after a particular physician in the show.

Movie Ticket Secrets

Buying movie tickets has never been more convenient. Movie theaters across the globe have associated themselves with a variety of websites in hopes of making the movie ticket buying experience easier for the moviegoer.

Doctor Who – The Next Doctor – A Review of the 2008 Christmas Special

The Doctor Who Christmas specials have been something of a mixed bag so far. The first one, 2005’s The Christmas Invasion, was superb in every way. That was followed by 2006’s excruciatingly bad ‘The Runaway Bride’ and 2007’s rather mediocre ‘Voyage of the Damned’.

Star Wars Costumes Rules All Year Round

Star Wars was a hit for many years specially during Christmas when lots of folks get star wars costumes as gifts or just dress up in a nice star wars costume for their Christmas party. Star Wars rules! Whether your passion is for the recent Clone Wars film, the prequel, or the original trilogy days, we have the Star Wars costumes you want.

Twilight is Set to Be a Christmas Smash

At this time of year we all look at staying in and spending time with the family. Christmas is a great time to catch up with everyone and watch movies and soaps.