Characters of Glee – Part 2

Glee has quickly become a television phenomenon with its controversial story lines, upbeat song and dance numbers and of course, its stellar cast. Take a look at some of the compelling main characters that make Glee such a success.

13 Going on 30 – A Very Fun Movie

Jenna is 13 and is having a birthday party. She invites one really good friend named Manny that lives next door. She also invites a bunch of the popular kids from school.

Babe – A Classic Children’s Tale

There once were a bunch of pigs in tiny stalls. They were rounded up and shipped to the slaughtering house, leaving all the piglets behind. Then the runts of the litter are given to a local fair.

5 Stirring Leading Lady Performances on Satellite TV

Everyone has their favorite actress, and it can be disappointing to see yours in a movie not worthy of her presence. Looking over the top modern leading ladies, film lovers can be satisfied that the choices they are making not only make sense for their popularity but also for their ambition to be the best at what they do. Just browse through a satellite TV program guide and you’ll see one terrific film after another with Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep in the lead role. These 5 HD picture should top the list.

Understanding How 3D Television Technology Works

There is no doubt that you have probably become aware of the latest craze in modern electronics: 3D television. From the moment the public encountered 3D movies in the theaters, people have become interested in watching 3D movies in the comfort of their own homes.

Are There Original Ideas?

Coming out of my Art Directing class, I was dragged to a heated discussion about originality, mainly: are our Ideas “original”? On my part of the debate I argued that in fact, no; none of our ideas are original, not even the ideas of all those people I admire and craze about.

The Break-Up – A Romantic Comedy – Or is It?

Gary and Brooke are living together. Gary works as a tour guide and Brooke works at an art studio selling art. Friends are scheduled to come to their apartment soon.

Clint Eastwood’s Invictus

Clint Eastwood’s Invictus features a politician who is smart enough to unite his people in spite of themselves and a rugby captain desperate to lead his team to the world cup. The politician is Nelson Mandela played by Morgan Freeman and the captain is Francois Pienaar, played by Matt Damon. All the great names deliver to the best of their ability in a truly inspiring story based on true events.

Go Retro – Watching Eight of the 1980s Best Movies on Satellite TV

Entertainment has changed a whole lot in the past quarter-century. And while some people might not realize that much time has elapsed since it was the 1980s, the fact is that it’s just about time for slap bracelets and shoulder pads to come back into fashion. Leggings and scrunchies have already managed to gain in momentum yet again, and a whole bunch of capitalistic greed has led to a mini-economic crisis, so everything’s right on track for an 80s revival. Only this time around, Betamax and cable are being replaced with flatscreen LCD television sets and satellite TV, and things are a little bit more high-tech.

Catch All of Alexander Skarsgard’s Best Roles on Satellite TV

While more than a few Americans might have a hard time finding Sweden on a map, the same cannot be said for recognizing the face of one of its most talented exports. The son of another acclaimed actor who managed to make it big States-side after conquering his native land, Alexander Skarsgard is the sort of actor who women want to be with, and men simply want to be. Talented, well-spoken, and classically handsome, he has managed to make his way up in the world of States-side entertainment.

Great Road Trip Movies to Get You Ready For Your Next Trip

When you’re excitedly planning your next adventure there isn’t much better than watching some great road trip movies to get you excited and thinking about things you’d like to do. For some quick road trip fun pick one of these very different movies that have one thing in common–their characters are on an adventure.

Lilo and Stitch – A Disney Movie to Remember

This Disney animated movies begins with a child named Lilo who feels very much alone on such a beautiful island. Her older sister Nani struggles to make ends meet. Nani has more responsibility than she is supposed to have at her age.