NCIS Character Analysis – Agent Tony DiNozzo

The senior field agent of the NCIS team is Anthony DiNozzo. He has a humorous and laid-back style, that amuses all of the other team members, and himself. It is nearly impossible to find a topic that Tony will not make into a comedy, or movie reference. Although he is all laughs on the outside, he is a stone cold agent on the inside.

NCIS Character Analysis – Agent Tim McGee

McGee. McGeekle. McGoogle. McMotherboard. Elf Lord. Shall I go on? Tim McGee is one of the funniest characters on the show, and is often teased by DiNozzo and Ziva. Growing up, he was a nerd in school, the opposite of Dinozzo. Throughout the series, Tony has a lot of difficulty understanding McGee’s infatuation with computers, which is why he teases Mcgee so much.

NCIS Character Analysis – Officer Ziva David

Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David, is not the lady that you would want to mess with. Although she is short in stature, and looks innocent, she is a deadly assassin. Officer David was trained to suppress her emotion, and taught that expressing any emotion, good or bad, was a sign of weakness.

NCIS Character Analysis – Agent Kate Todd

Agent Caitlin Todd was an NCIS agent, recruited from the Secret Service. She was beautiful, talented, and confident agent. She was extremely observant, especially in the episode where Ari tries to fool her with the old cup and balls magic trick. Kate had a very strong relationship with DiNozzo, similar to a brother-sister.

NCIS Character Analysis – Abby Sciuto

Abby Sciuto, a witty, lovable personality with forensic skills that are even greater than her charm. As said by Tony in Season 7, Abby is a paradoxical oxymoron. She is a Goth, but she is the happiest and most joyful member of the NCIS crew. She always keeps a smile on her face, and her happiness is contagious.

NCIS Character Analysis – Director Leon Vance

Director Vance is the most hidden member of NCIS, emotionally wise. He is tough as a rock, and does not back down from any challenge. This sounds just like Gibbs, but the primary difference between Vance and Gibbs is the channeling of fear.

NCIS Character Analysis – Director Jenny Shepard

What made Director Jenny Shepard so special of a leader, was her experience, courage, and the ability to read a situation. When someone did something that Jenny didn’t like, she would let them know immediately. Jenny is probably the most similar to Gibbs out of all the characters that have been on NCIS.

Click – Family Comes First

When watching a trailer for the movie “Click”, one would believe it is a typical Happy Madison comedy film, but not an inspiring movie. Click was not such a successful film, because it marketed towards the wrong audience.

Groundhog Day – How Will You Choose to Live?

When I first saw Groundhog Day 2 years ago, I was awed at how inspiring a simple movie classified under the Romantic Comedy genre could be. But a movie like this cannot be put under a category. Seeing it for the second time today, I was still in awe at how amazing Groundhog Day is.

Waking Life – The Meaning of Existence

Every once in a while, a movie is made that challenges all of the industry standards. Most of these movies don’t hold up, but occasionally, a few of them do. Waking Life is one of these movies. Exhibiting anything but traditional film making, it is a rotoscope animation, depicting what it means to exist on this earth. It is about a man trapped between 2 realms: the waking world, and the dreaming world. He is not entirely sure which realm he is in, and seeks to find the meaning of his existence. A highly recommended movie, which is a deep philosophical study of consciousness and existentialism.

The Color of Experience

George Gallo’s film, “Local Color” has taken the word riveting and has successfully raised its meaning to a new charted height, for this film has opened my eyes more, and has given me the return opportunity to recall the powerful direction I received from my first mentor. The film truly drives home its message of never giving up on one’s dreams, but more than the latter, to make that road not taken beyond a destiny; moreover, a journey that quenches the soul from acquiring newfound knowledge.

Do Arts Polls Bias Consumers?

Arts polls are inherently biasing. Good movie reviews and good movie review sites should make an effort to mitigate their affect on the audience. Polls should promote great work, rather than harm it.