Cope With the Cast, the Craziness, and the (Micro Video) Cameras of Reality TV Shows

Reality shows pervade the medium of television. You can find a plethora of them – documentaries, social experiments, talent shows, makeover programs, and dating marathons, among others – that you can find a venue to get your 15 minutes of fame (or notoriety, if you want).

No Angels TV Programme – Watch the TV Programme Online!

Information about the No Angels TV Programme. Learn all about it and how to watch it online!

The Insatiable – The Best Vampire Movie Ever – Charlotte Ayanna Deserved an Oscar Nomination

I just watched on the Sci-Fi Channel,”The Insatiable” figuring to kill a few hours. I was shocked as this is one of the most underrated movies I’ve ever seen and definitely the best talking Vampire Movie (“Nosferatu” was silent) I’ve seen. Additionally, the acting and writing were great. The actress who played the Vampire, Charlotte Ayanna, was incredible and deserved to be nominated for an Oscar but I guess the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn’t want anything to do with “B” movies no matter how great they are.

Sci Fi Horror – 4 Dark Sci Fi Movies on Blu Ray

The age of Blu Ray is upon us! As a huge fan of both horror and sci fi movies, I felt compelled to share this list of dark sci fi movies now available for this new format.

Video Productions Services – Need and Importance

Once it comes to business video productions services, getting the most excellent is what a company aims at in order to crack a large number of sales which otherwise would not be possible. For your video productions services one needs to search an organization that promises & delivers what it claim to do & therefore one should always cross check their dependability. Make clear with the video production agency for the timely delivery of the advertisement of the product to be promoted because in cases where the advertisement gets delayed, there is no use of publishing it.

Online DVD Rentals – Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Whenever you join any online membership site, regardless of the focus, one of your concerns is whether or not you are getting good value for your money. It’s not always easy to determine that value when you are looking at over 20 sites offering access to the same DVDs and flashing special offers at you.

A Jewish Family Flees Germany and Settles “Nowhere in Africa”

Only Walter could see it coming. His extended family in Germany could not see that Adolph Hitler would turn on his own German citizens who were Jewish. Walter was a professional, a judge and a German citizen, not a Jew who happened to be a German citizen. He would leave Germany and take his family to Africa in 1938. “Nowhere in Africa” is his story.

The Twin Rivers Media Festival is Not Your Typical Film Festival

The Twin Rivers Media Festival is the first weekend in May every year in Asheville, NC. All proceeds from the festival, after promotional and other expenses, go back to the film makers and media artists. Next year is Twin Rivers Media Festival’s 15th season.

The Dark Night – Passing of Heath Ledger

With the upcoming release of The Dark Knight (the sequel to Batman) I am reminded of the tragic loss of Heath Ledger. What really happened?

Time Travelling Dinosaurs – Primeval on BBC America is a Pretty Good Sci-Fi TV Show

I just saw via import DVD, Season 1 of “Primeval” which is about to debut soon on BBC America. The basic premise is that somehow a rift in the space time vortex- an Anomaly, has opened up in parts of England, leading prehistoric creatures including dinosaurs to go through time to present day England and cause havoc and destruction. The English government despite some of the gory deaths these “lovable creatures” cause by “chop chop” somehow try and manage to cover things up

Shah Rukh Khan and Friends – Temptation Reloaded 2008 in Rotterdam – An Evening to Remember

Shah Rukh Khan was back live on stage with the show Temptation Reloaded. The show took place in Rotterdam/Netherlands on Saturday, 21st June 2008. After Temptation 2004 his fans had to wait for about 4 years to see him back live on stage again together with his friends and again the show now called Temptation Reloaded was a huge success – this was indeed an evening to remember for everyone in Rotterdam.

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail” Has Generated a Cult Following

Here it is, some 33 years later, and some people still laugh hysterically when viewing again the scene of King Arthur systematically cutting off all of the limbs of The Black Knight in the zany comedy “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Make no mistake, this British-import by the crew of Monty Python’s Flying Circus which originally aired on PBS in the United States, will not go away anytime soon. Find out why.