The Dark Knight – Don’t You Dare Miss It!

In the making of the film The Dark Knight, the brilliant construction of the plot, the careful assignment of the character roles, the designing of the costumes, and the care in filming and production of the movie carry this film to it’s rightful place-at the top of the charts. The plot of this heavily dramatic work of art places the idolized comic book superhero, Batman, in a compromising position that draws him away from the superhero genre-an interestingly different approach that fives the viewers a second opinion of what goes on in the mind of a superhero.

How Do I Watch TV On My PC?

Is there some kind of weird digital card thingy that’s needed which I’d have to stick somewhere inside my computer? Is there some high monthly charge?

Top 10 Superhero Movies of All Time

below is a list starting with number 10 of our top superhero movies. with the recent gulf of comic book movies we thought we would take alook of them and give you the list of the top 10 superhero movies ever made.

How to Watch MMA Fights Online – Watch UFC Fights

Want to watch all the MMA fights online? Learn how to do this now.

Lakeview Terrace – 2008 – Complete Movie Preview and News

Lakeview Terrace is a thriller movie directed by Neil LaBute, starring, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, Patrick Wilson, Regine Nehy and Jaishon Fisher.

The Punisher – War Zone

I must say that growing up I was never been a big fan of comic books and the superheros that are portrayed in them. However, thanks to Hollywood releasing movies about these superheros over the past few years, I have began to like them a lot more.

Prison Break Character Guide

Prison Break, already in season 4, has gone through many characters in their story line. To keep all these characters straight, here is a Prison Break main character Guide.

How MTV’s “The Hills” Makes Advertising Money

MTV’s reality show, The Hills, is a money making machine. Recent reports claim Lauren Conrad earns $75,000 per episode and she deserves every penny of it. The Hills is MTV’s top rated television show that follows a core group of friends around while they go on with their lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Disney DVDs – Blu-ray Bound

Before you begin giving guided tours of your new DVD library, be warned: there is a new technology format on the loose. Initially, Blu-ray and HD-DVDs were in direct competition for the home entertainment market.

Walt Disney – Boldly Into the Future

This sound cartoon would propel Disney to creating the industry’s first animated feature, Snow White. The list of Disney movies that has come into being has changed not only popular culture, but world culture and is a testament to Disney’s hunger to entertain.

Video Rental Delivery

If you are anything like me, and you like comfort and convenience, then you would go for a video rental delivery service. I hate it when I have to cross streets, sometimes use transport and fight the forces of an indoor theater.

Star Wars

I always remember watching the original Star Wars Trilogy when I was younger. Every one of my friends watched it too.