Learning and Fun can go Hand in Hand

Why do parents sometimes choose between learning time and fun time? We believe both can go hand in hand. Read on to find out how.

Cartoons – Animated Movies

Think cartoons are just what you see on the kids network on Saturday morning? Animated movies have been big business from the early days of Disney to the modern era of Pixar animation. We take a look at a piece of the long history of animated movies.

Cartoons – From Flesh To Ink

If you ever wished that some of your favorite shows or people would be turned into cartoon shows, you might want to think twice after reading this expose’. Most real life to animated transitions don’t go very well.

New Computers With Digital Movie Library On Them

Every year computers come with larger hard drives and more random access memory. With these large hard drives and massive RAM these computers can do incredible things indeed. Many computers also serve as DVD players for videos and even full-length movies. But in the future we may see computers

Cartoons – Bugs Bunny

Never seen Bugs Bunny? Well, if you’re one of the few then this brief overview of the Bugs character as well as his cartoon sidekicks will give you an idea of what you’ve been missing with this classic Warner Brothers cartoon.

Cartoons – Superman

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who Superman is. But do you know when the first Superman cartoon was made and how the makers actually fought against it? This review will give you some interesting answers and insight into the Superman cartoon history.

Gay Cowboys: Do Women Like to Watch Men Have Sex?

It appears women are being turned on by the sexual scenes in Brokeback Mountain.

Dora the Explorer: A Fun Companion for Kids

Dora the Explorer is a cartoon show that airs on the Nickelodeon channel, featuring stories about Dora Marquez, a young Hispanic girl who ventures forth on adventurous quests.

Download Movies Legally – Pay More For Them And Get Less

The ability to download our video content on demand will be common to all of us in the near future. But…it needs to be commercially attractive and the persent offerings are far from that.

Hijinx with the Super Nanny

Every time I think I have found the worst show on television, another comes up and hits me in the neck, in the same way a dart hits the outside of a dartboard… except without a dart.

What is the Matter America, Left your Brain in the Living Room?

What happened to America, did everyone suddenly get stupid? Indeed and yes, but I have surrendered my mind to the TV set so for me it really is a black and white issue you see. I gave up my mind to the mass media hysteria long ago. It is much easier you see, I do not have to think

Tapping Into the Actor’s Full Potential

We all have characteristics we’d rather hide. However, bringing those out and using them will deepen and enhance an actor’s skills.