Improve Your Sports Bar With the NFL Sunday Ticket

It is safe to say that Americans love their sports especially football. Having a home team to root for can make people feel like part of a community. People follow their teams with an almost religious passion, and can make instant friends with someone just by sitting next to each other at a bar and realizing you are both cheering at the same touchdowns. If you own, have recently opened, or are thinking about opening a sports bar, make your business the best it can be and live up to its name by giving customers what they come in for-football.

Film Review of Ditto

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the University of the Philippines Film Institute presented the Korean Film Festival 2007 with the theme “Varied Colors of Korean Cinema”. Five films were shown from September 25-27 at the UPFI Cine Adarna. These are Ditto (2000), Joint Security Area (2000), My Heart (2000), Taeguk-Gi (2004), and Libera Me (2000). Among these, I was able to watch Ditto.

Will Television Change the Shopping Habits of Viewers?

In the beginning, most Americans lived in close proximity to one another in small towns that would one day become cities. While many of those early Americans were self-sufficient, others relied on purchases to meet their needs, especially for food and dry goods, such as material for clothing and bedding, footwear, perhaps tobacco products and other items. These people became consumers while some of their neighbors became retailers and sold them the products they needed and wanted.

The Best Movie Misfires on Satellite TV

Every so often, Hollywood releases a movie that has the potential to be great. The idea is fresh and the whole concept appears to bring something new and unique to the box office, something that will stand out from all of the HD and 3D garbage that manages to litter the cinemas on a day-to-day basis.

The Early Years of Jim Carrey on Satellite TV

Making it in Hollywood is hard enough, but trying to break out of a general typecast is even harder. And no actor in the movie industry has made as many attempts as Jim Carrey.

Cult Classic Films on Satellite TV

It’s pretty easy to see all of the latest hit films on television, seeing as they end up showing on practically every single premium channel after a run on Pay Per View, before hitting the networks eventually and then endlessly repeating on TBS on Saturday afternoons. But finding your favorites can get a little bit more difficult. After all, certain films that end up tanking in theaters, like “A Christmas Story,” end up making it big on television.

Christian Bale – Before the Batman Voice on Satellite TV

Every actor, no matter how great they are, had to start somewhere. Whether it was a commercial, a made for TV movie or a sitcom on one of the many cable and satellite TV channels, the current Hollywood superstars had to work their way up to the ladder to fame and fortune. And when it comes to Christian Bale, the same rules applied.

Apocalypse Man Got it Wrong

Apocalypse Man is a TV documentary that follows ex Marine Rudy Reyes in a desolate post apocalypse future. But is everything he teaches valuable information or just plain crap?

Review of the World According To Monsanto

Where to start with these guys? I have seen plenty of books and read tons of books on the behind the scenes shenanigans of the powers that be, but this movie grabbed me in a way no other had. Monsanto wants to own the patent to every vegetable, fruit and herb you eat.

Movie Preview Trailers As a Form of Advertisement

There are lots of options that you can find when you are going to select for the kind of movie that you would watch. In line with this, movie preview trailers are made in order to help us to select the best film that would suit our taste.

Tugging at the Heart With These 5 HD Romance Films

Jean Luc Godard, the acclaimed French master, once famously remarked that the history of cinema could be seen as ‘boys filming girls.’ While times have changed a bit and more and more female directors are in the chair, that could be disputed. However, there is no disputing the fascination with interplay between the opposite sexes. Film lovers can’t get enough of epic romances, and these five films playing in HD on satellite TV networks will be enough to put a fire in even the most jaded heart.

Godzilla Action Figures and Godzilla DVD Sets As Marketing Tools

No matter how loud the complaints were, nothing stopped the selling of 1998 Godzilla merchandise, where Godzilla DVD sets and Godzilla action figures were among the most desired items. So despite it was not a good movie, its box-office was worth millions of dollars worldwide. This case showed that Hollywood can get away with making money machine movies fueled by the unaware, willing-to-buy-anything masses.