Why the Mentalist Star Struck Gold

The star of CBS’ The Mentalist has had a few different names in his life. But it’s only since he changed his name to ‘Simon Baker’ that his career went through the roof. Find out why.

My Bloody Valentine 3D – Not For the Faint of Heart

My Bloody Valentine 3D as far as remakes go is not the exact carbon copy of the original. Which is good for people who are old enough to have seen it back in the 80’s. It has a good story line and plot with a few twists and of course some really great killing scenes.

The Fine Living Network on Satellite TV

Life doesn’t have to be hectic. There’s always time to slow down and take things down a notch. Life is to be enjoyed, after all. For those of you who are in need of a few reminders of how to get the best out of life, tuning up your HD TV to the Fine Living Network wouldn’t be such a bad idea. This network, available via your satellite TV subscription, features a whole bevy of shows about living the good life. Their programs can be classified into four categories: Home Living, Buyers Guides, Life’s Adventures and Day Dreaming. Here is a rundown of shows in each category that are not to be missed.

Shows For the Fashionista in You on Satellite TV

Are you obsessed with Rei Kawakubo and Gareth Pugh? Do chainmail, spats and chunky knit sweaters make you drool? Do you frequently eye your mother’s old vintage duds, or your father’s old work suits? Have a thing for torn and shredded white Tees? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a budding fashionista. To get your daily fashion fix, you could go shopping and spend wild money on designer duds, or you could tune up your satellite TV and not only save some of your valuable dollars, you’ll also get inspired. Here’s a list of shows where it’s all about the clothes. Watch in HD, study the details and try it yourself.

What’s Cooking on Satellite TV?

Since the early days of Julia Childs and her show The French Chef, the cooking show has become a genre unto itself, and celebrity chefs a distinct category of starlet. As you peruse the channels on satellite TV, you will find dozens of cooking shows, with nearly as many styles of presentation and cooking. These shows can be as addictive as sports, and before long you will establish your own favored stars. It might not beat out the NFL Sunday Ticket in your television priorities, but it can still consistently win over most daytime television during the week.

Weird Science on Satellite TV

Science is a vital part of civilization and permits us to have such luxuries as medicine and fancy machinery. As important as it is, getting people interested in science is no easy task. Aside from making things explode in chemistry class and dissecting frogs in biology, science can easily teeter over to the boring and dry side of life. Luckily, television has stepped in to jazz up the notion of science and give a boost to its popularity. Satellite TV gives people a whole range of great shows to choose from to get a nice little dose of entertainment with a hint of education.