Celebrities Championing Causes of Children

Often you hear of celebrities sponsoring causes of children. Some of the celebrities, whose names come spontaneously to the mouth, are Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell. However, there are some celebrities who do not advertise their contributions to causes of children, but they are still active championing the causes.

What is a Celebrity?

A celebrity is generally someone who is famously recognized by a wide number of people in a society or culture. In a media society, fame is usually generated by the media however; sometimes people can become famous even if they don’t go into the media directly. A celebrity is someone who gets a lot of media attention and therefore, they generally have an extroverted personality. It is thought that the word celebrity is usually associated with the celebrated; however, celebrities are not always portrayed in a positive light.

Celebrities and Wardrobe Malfunctions

With Oscars round the corner, one wonders whether we will get to see any wardrobe malfunction. Of late, it has become a usual occurrence where some celebrity or the other is caught on camera having the most embarrassing moment of her life.

A List of Popular Police Shows on Television

Positions in the field of law enforcement are some of the most publicized in the world. Almost everybody is fascinated with how police officers catch the criminals and the amount of thinking and hard work that goes into their jobs.

Cheap Movie Tickets – Bring Your Loved Ones to See New Releases

Are you having a hard time thinking of where to bring your relatives, who just came from a different country? Or are you wondering where to take your sweetie for your first date? Going to the movies has always been a great choice. Thanks to cheap movie tickets, they can watch new films without any worries.

Moon-Walker Buzz Aldrin Will Be “Dancing With the Stars”

As part of the Apollo 11 mission, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon on July 20, 1969. Now he will appear on hit show “Dancing With The Stars” as a contestant beginning March 22, 2010. Strangely, there is a connection between these events separated by more than 4 decades.

Bollywood’s Golden Era

Bollywood has been a showcase to some exhilarating talent and outstanding skills. The Hindi film industry traces its advent way back in 1950’s which is also termed as the golden era of Bollywood.

The Appeal of Investing in Films

Are films a good investment opportunity? I think they are for the right kind of investor. Here’s why.

Enter the Land of the Mad Hatter in London – Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney Studio’s latest film release, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, has taken the world by storm, bringing in $210.3 million worldwide on its opening weekend. Following hot on the tails of 3-D movie Avatar, the Disney production has generated 70% of its revenue on the opening weekend through 3-D ticket sales and has set a record for the biggest winter opening of all time.

Watch the Pacific

HBO’s miniseries The Pacific debuted recently to critical acclaim and focuses on the Pacific theater of World War II. Does it have the potential to be better than Band of Brothers?

Collision Between the Exes

Bounty Hunter is the forthcoming movie directed by Andy Tennant. The story line seems pretty much interesting and guarantees to draw crowd in UAE towards theatres. The story is about the two exes who happen to bump into one another’s lives.

Finding the Appropriate Voice Over Talent For Your Script

When it comes to finding the right voice talent for your television promo, it is just as important to have a well written script as it is to have a great talent to deliver your message. Keep in mind that the voice talents does not need to be an expert on what they are reading, they only need to use the correct inflection and emphasis throughout the script. As long as the script is well written, a professional talent will be able to sound knowledgeable and believable during the promo.