Review of “The Graduate”

“The Graduate” is a delightfully entertaining film from the late ’60s starring Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, a very confused recent college graduate and Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson, an older woman who seduces him. The storyline and acting are both fantastic as well as the Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack played throughout the film.

How to Fall Out of Love in 30 Days

In a very personal point-of-view documentary style, Canadian TV and film producer Aida Memisevic searches the world for a way to fall out of love in 30 days.

Bachchan or Depp? Take Your Pick

By now everyone has probably heard that Big B has given the nod to play the role of a gangster, Kaderbhai in Mira Nair’s upcoming movie, Shantaram, opposite one of the most talented actors in the world, Johnny Depp. Even though it’s been all over the media, it’s a little tough for me to believe that this will actually happen.

Little Children

A look at the film “Little Children” and an interpretation of meaning and symbolism behind the story and its characters.

“Breach” – A Review

Lesson to employers: Be careful to whom you assign the offices with windows – and without. Based on the true story of FBI agent Robert Hanssen, who sold government secrets to the Russians for 22 years in the worst case of treason in modern American history, “Breach” delivers on its promise of suspense and thrills. We follow the final two nail-biting months before Hanssen’s arrest as a young FBI trainee spies on him.

Do You Know How To Build A Successful Acting Career?

Are you just getting started in your acting career? Have you been acting for some time now and aren’t satisfied with the amount of work you’ve been able to get? Are you getting work consistently, but only making enough money to make ends meet? Do you want to kick start your acting career? If after reading those questions, you feel compelled to read on, think about the following:

Finding Movies to Rent From Blockbuster Online

One of my biggest problems is finding a movie to watch. Who ever though that having over 65,000 titles to chose from would be a problem? Well its not that all the movies are the problem its find the movies on the website. I guess they have tried to make it easy, but I still have trouble find movies. Here are some tips that should help finding movies faster and a lot easier.

Review of “Star Wars”

“Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”, originally simply known as “Star Wars”, was the first of six Star Wars movies to be made, and the best in my opinion. Released back in 1977, “Star Wars” was a truly original film. The movie was unique at the time for its featuring of strange alien creatures, intelligent robots (‘droids) like R2-D2 and C-3PO, the evil master Darth Vader, light saber battles, blasters, and warp drives. “Star Wars” set the tone of sci-fi movies for years to come.

Review of “Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future” is one of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time. I have always loved films about time travel, and this is one of the best I have seen. Besides its sci-fi aspect, the movie is quite funny and witty and the acting is very well-done.

Review of “The Sound of Music”

“The Sound of Music” is one of my favorite musicals. The story, music, acting, and cinematography are all excellent. The film is based on the true story of the Von Trapp family, a musical Austrian family who escaped from the Nazis after the Anschluss in 1938.

Review of “Tommy”

“Tommy” is a bizarre cult film from the ’70s based on the rock opera of the same name by The Who. Although many people disagree, I think “Tommy” is a great film, both for its music and its unusual storyline.

Review of “2001: A Space Odyssey”

“2001: A Space Odyssey””, more commonly known simply as “2001”, is my all time favorite movie. I have watched it about 30 times over the years, mainly on videotape. I love it mainly for its cinematography, which still looks futuristic after nearly 40 years. I also enjoy the profound mystery of the story.