My Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

The summer season has begun and movies are being churned out at the box office. Here some ones to look forward to.

Save Money on Verizon FiOS

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Interview With Martial Artist Expert and Hollywood Actor-Director, Kely McClung

Kely McClung ‘s love of martial arts began at an extremely early age. It was a combination of his martial arts training and his confidence in his own creative talents that helped him make his transition into the film world. After 20 years in the film industry, Kely is now directing, producing movies, and acting in his own films. He’s successfully fused his talent in martial arts into creating movies that pack a punch for any audience.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 3 – Show the Top Great 30 Moments You Will Never Miss

Season 3 of Gossip Girl truly has all you wanna watch. I will show you the top great 30 moments…

And in the Streets They Shouted, “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers!”

Every moment of every day we are at some kind of crossroads making decisions that may seem insignificant. Sometimes looking back, we realize that a series of insignificant choices has landed us on a path we never expected to travel.

LOVEFiLM Review – Good or Bad?

So, I was talking to a friend of mine a while back, and the topic of conversation, as it often does, moved onto that of movies. It transpired that we enjoyed the same types of film and the conversation continued in this vein. It was around then that he told me about a service he was using called LOVEFiLM. I wasn’t a stranger to the idea of LOVEFiLM, however I had always thought that it was a complex system, so I asked him to clarify a few things for me.

Review of the Legend is Born – Ip Man

I urge you to catch this latest prequel of Ip Man. It not only has plenty of kung fu action, but the story isn’t half bad either.

Some of the Best Shows to Watch Reruns Of

Not all shows can be watched more than once. These are some of the best ones that retain their humor.

Karate Kid Finds True Power, Stillness

“Being still and doing nothing are two very different things.” ~Kung Fu master speaking to student. There’s a powerful message in Karate Kid that’s not only for children, it’s for anyone who has ever felt powerless in dealing with their own lives or in managing the inordinate challenges that are facing the world today.

Shining Star of Bollywood – Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is a gem for the Bollywood Industry. Her mother was British and Father was an Indian Kashmiri but she is very poor in Hindi. She has done lot of modeling assignments in London before coming into Hindi Film Industry. Her first modeling assignment was for a jewelry shop.

An Unforgivable Pun For an Unforgivably Good Film

Despite a rocky start to this deceivingly macho film comes a beautifully acted and surprisingly thought provoking Western which makes me reconsider the credibility of the genre. It takes a step away from the mindless killing of old style Western’s and even finds time to ask some disturbing moral questions while at the same time quenching any red blooded male’s thirst for unadulterated bloodshed.

Small Talk About the Existence of 3D Movie Trailers

A movie could be advertised and made known to the public in a lot of different but equally creative ways. It could be advertised through the distribution of posters and other forms of print ads. To get the attention of all the very busy passers by, these prints are usually accented by very vibrant colors and often featuring common faces. Another way, is by using the more advanced movie trailers.