Movies – A Masterpiece: Don’t Come Knocking (2005)

This indy directed by Win Wenders and written and lead-acted by Sam Sheppard will stay with me for a long while. For one thing, if the immortal Edward Hopper became a movie director instead of a painter, he’d probably end up shooting this beauty. The Montana town where the movie was shot is straight out of a Hopper painting, exploding with sharp lonely shadows and stark sunlight, creating an eerie space where human folly and loneliness is impossible to hide.

A Baby Story – A Funny Story To Brighten Your Day

My wife loves to watch the show, A Baby Story, everyday. She starting watching it a year ago when she was pregnant with our son, because she wanted to try to get an idea what labor would be like.

A Guide To Blockbuster Video Rentals

I’ll bet that you are a movie lover. I think this because I know myself and generally I think that all people are the same. Movies take a large part of our lives, and we simply cannot resist watching them. They give us feeling of unreality, which can be really great especially with modern times: people are now dissatisfied with the way they live, and they are desperately searching for new experience.

New X Men Movie Rounds Out Series Well

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, has caused quite the stir among comic book enthusiasts and the average moviegoer.

With BIG BROTHER 7: ALL-STARS winding down

With BIG BROTHER 7: ALL-STARS winding down, there has been much speculation regarding a

The Ultimate Fighters: Where are They Now?

The Ultimate Fighter has become a gem among the typical dredge of reality television.

CSI: The anatomy of an Uber Franchise

The CSI formula seems very simple: film noire with copious violence mixed with high brow t

The Lost Experience – Failure of Plot, Success of Commercialism

“The Lost Experience”, a creation of ABC and their advertising partners, was to be an

Celebrity Survivor: The Key to Unlocking the Mysteries of Reality Television

Reality television is being shoved down the throats of each and every one of America’s

What Makes A Movie A Blockbuster

Blockbuster movies are extremely expensive to make, involving big named stars and costly special effects. Literally millions of dollars are spent on them with the hopes that the returns will more than make up for their cost.

Review of Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa

Miyamoto Musashi is Japan’s most famous swordsman. The account of his life, meticulously researched and documented by Eiji Yoshikawa in the 1930s, was carefully crafted into English by Charles S Terry 50 years later; a work transparent enough to preserve Yoshikawa’s exquisite poetic style.

A Review of Blade Runner and Other Sci-Fi Favorites

When watching Blade Runner you should try not to compare the movie with the book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? That’s a book written by the best science fiction writer of all time, Philip K. Dick.