Dead Man Jim Jarmusch

This is a film about death and its meaning for humans; or, maybe, rather a description of the human condition, and reflections on the real meaning of life and death. Somehow Dead Man could be seen as a novel Pilgrim’s Progress, trying to strip life of its added meanings, in the light of the concept of death. Some of the dialogues, especially the parts spoken by Nobody, are clear references to works by William Blake, the main character’s namesake.

Learning the Craft of Film Making in Film Schools

The film, American Beauty from 1999 although it appears that it was set in a Chicago, Illinois suburb is another example of “film magic” used by filmmakers all over the world. The aerial shots used for this movie were real shots of Sacramento, California not Chicago.

Which Kids Movies Should Your Kid Watch?

Nowadays kids movies have reached new levels. They have superb animations in them and characters and story lines are really nice too. But some problems have also risen in the kids movies.

Fresh DVD Picks Best Enjoyed With Pick and Mix Sweets

Have you been thinking of renting DVDs for your weekends? Worry no more as we present to you some of the freshest picks straight from the video house. These movies have been best reviewed by critics and users alike. If you have missed them on the big screen or if you purposely missed them because watching in cinemas is expensive then this is the perfect chance for you to enjoy these movies with some pick and mix sweets.

Keep Kids Entertained on Sick Days

Keeping the kids entertained can seem like an impossible task sometimes, especially when they are down with a cold or a tummy bug and need to be kept indoors. Unable to run around or get messy, you’re likely to have an unhappy child on your hands, especially when they are over the worst part of their illness.

Behind the Scenes at the Oscars

The Oscars are a major event in the movie calendar that get both the stars and their audiences excited. But did you know that the statue was originally called the Academy Award of Merit? Read on to find out more about the magic behind the awards.

Satellite TV Stars Hunting For Paranormal Proof on “Ghost Hunters”

While it may seem that the world has gone batty for vampires, there is still a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel, or not, for the world of ghosts and ghouls. This is most clearly emphasized by the Syfy Network’s flagship series named, appropriately, “Ghost Hunters.”

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

The summer is just getting started. There are plenty of great movies on the way in 2010.

Kids, Parents, and the Desire to Be Famous

Looking at some of the most influential celebrities in Hollywood today, like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and more, a common denominator perhaps is that they all started out young. The kids of today already have evolving goals, as not all of them want to presidents or doctors. Surprisingly enough, a majority of these kids wish to be stars!

Watching Movie Trailers

Watching Movie Trailers is the best way to know if the movie is worth watching. It has a better glimpse of movie setting and how the cast acts on their respective role.

Robin Hood – The Latest Interpretation of the English Archer

The latest film on the eternal English legendary archer Robin Hood is a film with a difference as far as the genre of Robin hood films are concerned. Most Robin Hood films deal with the adventures of Robin Hood as per the popular perceptions. However this film dovetails the life of Robin Hood before he was declared an outlaw by King john.

6 Common TV Problems

There are 6 basic issues to check when your television no longer works. Knowing what to look for can help save you money. So, take the time to see if your television’s ailments are as terrible as you thought.