Seattle’s Scarecrow Video: A Movie Lover’s Paradise

Seattle’s Scarecrow video is an institution around here. The premiere place in the country to find and rent just about every video ever made.

IMDB’s Top 100 Films – #1 The Godfather

A brief history and summary of the number film according to the users of IMDB, The Godfather.

Seattle’s U-District – Movie Theaters

Area movie theaters in Seattle’s U-district with films from all over the world and right next door… The university district of Seattle is a perfect place to find just about anything, from vintage clothing to all night bubble tea, used book stores and one hell of a collection of movie theaters. This is essentially the home of the art house theater district, with five movie theaters within a five block radius and four of them intent on showing independent and foreign films. All but one of the below theaters is run by Landmark Cinemas, the premiere name in bringing the aforementioned gems to the states.

The Must See Upcoming Blockbusters of 2007

2007 is a big year for the popcorn blockbuster. Which films should you be looking forward to for the next few months and through the summer?

Which Is the Best Star Wars Film: A Quick Study

The eternal question for Star Wars fans the world over: which film is the best. Of the six, only one can be the best- or can it be two?

American Idol Is Draining the Life Out of Popular Culture

Television and music started the slow and steady decline of culture as a high art form. We recovered from that. Can we recover from American Idol’s exploitation and destruction of Pop Culture as a low art form?

Movie Buffs on the Internet

Film has always sparked a strong following. The advent of the Internet allowed expression of appreciation for film and the people involved in it to grow to its greatest heights ever. From small fan supported sites to large, studio backed sites, film fandom is a integral part of the web community.

Top 10 Korean Films In the 21st Century

The Korean Film industry is taking off. This decade alone has seen some of the best cinema in the world out of Korea. Here are 10 movies made since 2000 that every potential Korean film watcher should see.

Otaku Nation: Anime’s Effect on American Pop Culture

In the last 10 years, anime has become as big a seller and as important in our marketplace as the home grown arts of Disney and Warner Brothers. What led up to this shift of domestic entertainment to that from abroad?

The Dresden Files on Sci-Fi Channel

The premier of The Dresden Files on Sci-Fi was an event for any fan of Jim Butcher’s fantastically fun series of novels. How did it fare?

Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Film

Shakespeare’s Macbeth has found plenty of interpretations of the years. Here are a few of the best made into films, both interpretations and simple (though never simple) adaptations.

Heroes Review: The Start of Chapter 2

The start of Chapter 2 of NBC’s hit new show Heroes is off to a roaring start. What makes this show work, and how did they do in the new year?