Oscar Nominated Movies in Bollywood

Bollywood refers to one of the film industries of India, where many movies in Hindi are made. The fame of producing the highest number of films in India goes to Bollywood. Among the most popular movies in Bollywood, some are so rich in its content that they competed with other foreign language films in the category of Best Foreign language Film in Academy Awards.

Reviewed: Green Lantern [2011]

First off, I have to say my knowledge of the Green Lantern extends as far as knowing that somewhere along the line a ring, a lantern, lots of green and a rhyme are involved and that’s about it. Before the film I didn’t even know our hero’s name so in that respect I know not if this did the comic justice and stuck closely to the ideas and themes or it varied wildly. On the plus side this means I get to learn about a whole new character from scratch and…

Your Highness – David Gordon Green’s Lowness

It’s a film where we’re expected to laugh at the threat of rape, looming pedophilia, wearing a penis around your neck, and extremely pointless foul language. I can laugh at those things, but only if you give me something to laugh about. Everything can be funny, I’d like to assume. You just have to work harder to find that angle for some of the more uncomfortable subject matter. That seemed to be the last thing on McBride’s mind, but maybe this was some sort of contractual obligation and none of them gave a damn in the first place. I might sleep better at night believing that, and I wouldn’t fear so much for the future of David Gordon Green if it were true.

Dinner With Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito? Che figo! The handsome reality TV chef exudes suave and wears his suits really well.

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer stars Ewan McGregor as the unnamed protagonist hired to ghost write the autobiography of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan). McGregor’s character is familiar: a solitary author with a sharp wit who probably spends a bit too much time hitting the bottle of whiskey.

Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Aside from Chris Nolan’s success in rebooting the cape and cowl franchise, the house that Stan Lee built has always had the advantage over the Distinguished Competition when it comes to big screen adaptations of their intellectual properties, especially in the age of modern CG effects. When you compare the $30 million Jonah Hex lost at the box office to the $112 million Iron Man 2 brought in over its $200 million budget, it’s plain to see that round 2010 goes to Marvel again.

Gainsbourg Blu-Ray Review

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what the movie Gainsbourg was going to be like, surprisingly it’s not the straight forward, reverential biopic that I was half expecting. In fact it’s a startling work of originality as it’s the debut feature of Joann Sfar, the renowned graphic artist of the Franco-Belgian comic new wave, as with his notable comic series The Rabbi’s Cat he has worked in his shared Jewish heritage to tell the story of Lucien Ginsburg’s rise to fame, the world would come to know him as the popular singer songwriter and the hugely influential 1960s cultural…

The Other Side Of Time Travel Stories

Time travel is one of those storylines that can be either very moving or really cheesy, thought-provoking or groan-inducing, Insightful or a mess. It is a very tricky and delicate part of both science fiction and romance genres.

Kick-Ass Review

Dave Lizewski is just a normal kid. His only super power is being invisible to girls. He’s never crossed paths with a radioactive spider, never been subjected to intense bursts of gamma radiation, and he doesn’t have mutant DNA. That’s because those things are pretty much impossible.

Are There Too Many Supporting Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Next summer The Avengers will unite for the first time on screen. Yes that’s right, next year we will see Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America assemble attempt to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. To get this far, it has taken five films that each intertwine with each other in order to set up this huge superhero team up.

The Girl Who Played With Fire Review

The Girl Who Played with Fire is the second film in a three part trilogy anchored by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and to be followed by The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. The films that have been released so far have received R ratings due to strong sexual content, brutal violence, nudity, and language.

Toy Story 3 Review

Since 1995, we have all been dreading the thought that someday Andy would have to grow up. After what transpired for Jesse in Toy Story 2, what future might await Woody, Buzz and friends? It is 15 years later, and we have finally found out what exactly happens to all of the toys we have grown to love.