Do We Want to Be Celebrities?

If I’m thinking of my childhood, I surely remember the time when I was dreaming about being an actress or a singer, maybe a ballet dancer. I was sure that I will be a beautiful lady, I will be very talented, ambitious and everybody will admire me.

Are You a Bedroom TV Watcher?

Do you enjoy watching television in your bedroom? If you are like most people, watching the nightly news or a movie before you go to bed may be something that relaxes you before drifting off to sleep. But, do you really have the space for a television in your room? Even if you do have the space, you simply may not like the way a television looks in your bedroom.

Are You Looking For the Finest LCD Or Plasma TV Lift Cabinets For Your Home Or Business?

If you have reviewed the various LCD and plasma TV lift cabinets that are available on the market today, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the many options. After all, there are several brands, models, types and sizes to select from.

Indie Films Turn to Grassroots Funding

It might be the dawn of a new era for independent films. Grassroots fund-raising movement has enjoyed modest success in the world of independent film-making, and is fast on the rise.

Eraserhead – David Lynch

Eraserhead is David Lynch’s first feature film. It was completed on a mere $20,000 budget, coming from an initial $10,000 grant from the college where he was studying, and loans he collected over the years from friends, when the grant money was over.

Freddy Krueger

Experience the thrill, the suspense and the drama as Freddy Krueger played by Jackie Earle Haley scares you away with his creepy, straight-faced monster look with four blades embedded in his fingers. Nightmare on the Elm Street is the remake of the same-titled movie in 1984 by Wes Craven.

Mother and Child (New Movie Review)

God has a plan. Innocent people will die and lives will be tragically twisted, but if you manage to survive long enough He will make His plan known to you, and it will be good. That is the pious, quaint tone of this sentimental lecture in “what’s most important in life” that is too naive and well-intended to rise to the level of actually being offensive.

Inception (New Movie Review)

Certainly that trailer with the image of a small European town folding back on itself under churning, mechanistic music reminiscent of Terminator 2 certainly took all our expectations for creative dreamscapes and visions of mind-bending reality through the roof. And, for the most part, the film lives up to said expectations. It’s a thrilling, well-paced, thoroughly original and well-thought-out piece of entertainment.

The Last Decade’s Greatest Sports Movies

There were some amazing sports films from 2000-2009. Here are the best of the best.

Rambo Movies Concluded

With Sylvester Stallone announcing recently that he will not be returning to the Rambo movie franchise, it is the perfect time to examine how his incarnation of the character concluded the series. Stallone’s last contribution to the Rambo movies was 2008’s Rambo. This article contains spoilers for the Rambo movies, particularly Rambo (2008).

Toddler Elmo Costume – 5 Reasons Why This is a Great Choice For Halloween

Thinking about what to dress your child as for Halloween? Have you considered a toddler Elmo costume? You might be wondering what sets this choice apart from other Sesame Street characters and other toddler costumes, which is understandable. What you might not realize is that there are five main reasons why an Elmo Halloween costume is the right selection.

Feed Your Crew

An easy way to keep your crew happy and to get the best out of them is to feed them. It takes a little planning but the results are worth it!