Amazon Instant Video: Everything You Need to Know

Being able to watch movies from the Internet is a convenience most welcome. This eliminates the need for you to go to video rental stores, having to return the videos on time, and paying for late fees. When you watch a movie on the Internet, you can simply go to the web site again and again and have it streamed.

Music In Smallville Delivers True Emotion To Audience

When looking at television shows, there are numerous facets that can take it over the top. From the plots to the characters to the emotion that is expressed, every little detail can captivate an audience. But sometimes it is the music that will give it that last little edge, which is precisely what can be found from the music in Smallville.

Green Screen on TV – The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is the name of a satirical political show that airs on television lat in the night from Mondays to Thursdays, in America. It is broadcast on the channel Comedy Central and is hosted by Stephen Colbert who is a noted political humorist and was previously a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The Colbert Report criticizes common politics oriented shows.

The Tudors Showtime Series

The Tudors is a Showtime original historical fiction series that is based upon the reign of King Henry VIII of England. The show is named after the Tudor dynasty and was created by Michael Hirst.

The Brave Little ‘Brit’ Film!

Albert, the Duke of York (Colin Firth) has everything going for him but his speech impediment has always stopped him from living a glorious public life. Fondly called Bertie, the Duke has tried all the tricks in the book to overcome his stammering but nothing seems to work.

I Wish I Attended Shermer High

I could have followed Ferris Bueller around. Envied Claire Standish from across the hall.

Wildlife Documentaries Continue To Captivate Audiences Worldwide

Wildlife documentaries have taken people into the homes of animals, plants and other non-human living creatures for years. It is a way to see life in the wilderness up-close and personal. There is nothing more extreme, breathtaking, and intricate than a film that explores the world we live in and the creatures that make it up.

Kim Basinger Movies: The Films of A Well-Known Actress

There are many Kim Basinger movies, the earliest being Dog and Cat (1977) and the latest Charlie St. Cloud (2010). Kim Basinger is an American actress and previous model who has appeared in nearly 40 movies including television films. She was born on December the 8th 1953 in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia.

Seinfeld TV Show, Perhaps The Greatest Comedy Of All Time

The Seinfeld TV show, although another American television sitcom, is far from just another show on the airwaves. The show debuted on July 5, 1989 on NBC and lived within families’ living rooms for many years to come. Full of laughter, every day scenarios, and plots people could relate to, this rather simple show is one of the top comedies of all time.

Preparing for the Tiger Mother

How does a producer prepare for an interview with someone who has already been interviewed in most major media? Amy Chua and her memoire “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” have drawn ire from some parents and praises from others for it’s tales of extremely tough love. The results have sent Chua on a non-stop media tour. Now it was my turn to add to the discussion in an a direct and meaningful way.

Some Of The Best Boxing Movies Of All Time

Boxing is one of those sports that has intrigued people for years and some of the greatest movies of all time have come from within the ring. While everyone has a different list, here are what some consider to be the top five greatest boxing movies of all time.

John Cena – Background and Fast Facts

John Cena is a talented wrestler, actor, and rap artist of all things. Here is a brief background on John along with some interesting and not so interesting miscellaneous facts.