Crime and Punishment – The Movie

Dumala was fascinated and moved after reading the classic novel Crime and Punishment during his secondary school year. Even that early, Dumala able to identify with these heinous crimes and the “bloody gore” from his own life. The novel is about a twenty year old who is a relatively good person but wants to kill a person for no rhyme or reason.

Places to Watch Naruto

Many people every day are on a hunt for places to watch their favorite anime series. While there are many places to watch Naruto, not all are created equally. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best places to watch Naruto.

Do You Think the Jersey Shore is Offensive to Italians?

Its a heavily debated topic in the main stream media. Do you think shows like the Jersey Shore are offensive to Italians?

Eight Valentine’s Day Movies For Highly Specific Situations

A Valentine’s Day movie, called Valentine’s Day, released two days before Valentine’s Day? How groundbreaking! Especially when you realize it’s a romantic comedy (shock!) starring Julia Roberts and Jessica Alba (double shock!).

Clean House – A Clean Show on Style Network

Clean House on style network is usually hosted by Niecy Nash, though they do occasionally have other hosts. It also typically features Trish Suhr, the “yard sale diva”, Mark Brunetz, who is a great interior designer and Matt Eismann, the “go to guy.”

TV Shows That Make You Think

A lot of people think that TV sucks the brain cells right out of a person. There are actually plenty of TV shows still around that teach valuable life lessons, though. Let’s look at a few of them.

How Clean is Your House – BBC America’s Cleaning Hit

If you have BBC America network, I really recommend that you watch How Clean Is Your House. That’s especially true if you’ve ever asked yourself that particular question. The show can answer a lot of questions about your cleaning needs.

TV Review – Survivor 20 Episode 1 – Best Season Yet

The first episode of Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains proves to be the best so far in the 10 year global franchise of reality television. You will not want to miss this show.

How Home Improvement Television Shows Have Inspired People to Tackle Their Own Projects

This article will describe some of the home improvement and renovation type of shows that are popular currently. Many TV viewers have learned wonderful skills that they have applied themselves in improving their homes and how some of these shows have saved them a lot of time and money.

A Review of Bob Marley Based on “Rebel Music – The Bob Marley Story”

Everyone is quick to say that they know Bob Marley well and they love his music, but very few people really spend the time to question who Bob Marley really was and what inspired him. Rebel Music is a unique and detailed insight into the life of Bob Marley.

What is the Future For British and American Comedy?

The Hollywood comedy club that has come to dominate mainstream cinema is in danger of running out of steam. Meanwhile television fans in Britain are starting to wonder whether there is more to a comedian than a multitude of appearances on various panel-based game shows. What is the future for British and American comedy and can we expect any original thinking?

The Top Five Golf Related Movies

Sports movies are a common feature in Hollywood. The drama of real life sport is entertaining, heartbreaking and exhilarating and so it’s easy to see why film makers are happy to draw on the sporting world for inspiration. One of the sports that has a surprising number of films based on it is the game of Golf, quite often taking a light hearted approach to the typically serious game. Many golf films have become classics which has helped boost the sport’s popularity as well.