Taylor Lautner – His Rise to Fame

Since the incredible success of the Twilight Saga movies, Taylor Lautner has become a household name. Let’s take a look at his life and career that lead him to that point and beyond.

TV in 3D – Insights Into the Latest Trend

TV in 3D has been the newest offering of televisions manufacturers to keep people buying TVs. But there has been reluctance and doubt if TV in 3D with its expensive price tag will click among consumers. In the past two years, consumers had been upgrading their digital TVs, and it may seem impractical to spend another dime to upgrade for a new TV set.

The Most Popular Bangla Actors and Actresses of All Time in Bangla Natok and Cinema

Bangla cinema has produced a long list of fine masterpieces since its early days up to the present. Along with the movies that have ranked up in recognition and popularity, are the actors and actresses whose performances made the films truly memorable.

The Biography of Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow scored the new history in the movie world. She was the first woman who could get an award for the best movie director throughout 82 years of Oscar history. She won the award through her film by the title ‘The Hurt Locker’. That film was the film that took Iraq war as the background.

A Lost Review – Season 6 Episode 5 – “Lighthouse”

This episode’s flash-sideways followed the flashback pattern established in Season 1 by focusing on Jack. I’m mixed on my enjoyment of Jack-centric episodes but on a whole I liked this one.

A Lost Review – Season 6 Episode 4 – “The Substitute”

Thoughts and speculations about Episode 4 of Season 6 of the television show Lost, entitled “The Substitute.” This review contains plot details and should only be read after watching the episode.

A Lost Review – Season 6 Episode 3 – “What Kate Does”

Are we done with Kate-centric episodes now? Hopefully so because they have been pretty much useless since sometime in Season 2. She hasn’t developed as a character or changed in any discernible way over the course of the show and I don’t need to see any more episodes focusing on her this much.

Johnny Depp Movies Vs Charles Bronson Movies – A Comparison of Two Iconic Hollywood Actors

As you look through the many Johnny Depp movies available today, you will find that he generally chooses movies that portray a very intriguing character inside a complex and particularly interesting plot. If you take a look at Charles Bronson’s movies, you will certainly discover that he generally chose roles that had the best chance of creating a smash at the box office.

The Sheer Pleasure of the Twilight Series

Twilight is based on a vampire-romance between a young couple – one vampire and the other human. It was written by the well-known author Stephenie Meyer. Strangely enough, Twilight was rejected by no less than 14 agents when Stephenie Meyer was first looking for publication. I can’t help but imagine what these agents are now feeling? Perhaps a bit like taking a night off from the lottery, only to find out that the numbers you choose week-in and week-out were chosen on the one night you decided not to buy a ticket.

Predator Action Figures – The Basics

Science fiction horror film fans (aren’t they everywhere?) just love the Predator film series. Fortunately for collectors, there is no shortage of cool action figures representing the characters from these flicks.

A Few Good Will Ferrell Movies

Will Ferrell was once voted the most annoying performer of all time. Since then, he’s quickly become one of the most popular, one of the most well paid and one of the funniest. He’s charming, he’s got great comic instincts, and he’s not afraid to go all the way to get a laugh.

Watch a Master at Work – Buy Denzel Washington Movies

Portraying many different roles throughout his acting career, Denzel Washington movies find the well known actor taking on roles such as police officer, criminal and a combination of them both, but he never stops entertaining. He was born Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. On December 28, 1954 in the city of Mount Vernon, NY.