Into the Third Dimension – The Appeal of 3-D Entertainment

In the age where many naysayers predicted the demise of television and movie entertainment, few people expected there would be a sudden upsurge in 3-D films during the recent years. Not only did they reach out to the younger demographic, but many adult moviegoers are also fascinated by the unique viewing experience. As evident by the unprecedented number of 3-D movie releases in the upcoming year, this form of entertainment has been surprisingly revived. The real question remains: how long will this modern phenomenon sustain?

The Greatest Movies Directed By Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has quickly become one of the most popular directors in all of the movie industry. I don’t think he’s going to be the next guy in line to direct a major blockbuster, but I don’t think that has ever been his mission objective. Anderson is most comfortable working with a close circle of actors, producing quirky, yet quality films.

Inception, Perhaps The Best Movie of the Year

This film had me lost, confused, and disoriented, yet it was one of the best movie experiences I’ve had in a long time. Also, the less I tell you about the plot, the more you’ll enjoy the movie when you see it. And I’m recommending it whole heartedly for those who like edgy fantasy thrillers.

Recent Movies to Enjoy

A rundown of some of the great recent movies to play at a theatre near you. From big-budget hits to indie darlings, there should be something here to please every kind of cinematic taste.

Bigg Boss 4 Participants List

Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show in India started with a bang as Salman Khan welcomed the 14 participants. Compared to the previous seasons, this one has people from eclectic backgrounds, from criminal backgrounds; TV serials, Indian cinema, Pakistani cinema, a person from the legal background, a controversial scapegoat and many others. Let us look at them one by one:

Celebrity Biographies – Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling grew up in an extremely religious Mormon home to which, he says contributed greatly to who he is today. Ryan’s parents divorced leaving him and his two siblings to live with his mother. Ryan had a hard time in school with other children and therefore was home-schooled by his mother. Gosling had been a part of a couple television series such as The Mickey Mouse Club, but he was really only known in and around Canada.

Movie Recommendations From Blockbuster Online

If you ever draw a blank while trying to decide what movie to watch, make things easy on yourself by checking out the list of recommendations from Blockbuster Online. The motion pictures listed in this article are just a few of their many suggested titles.

Gung Ho, The Movie

The author, a cross-cultural expert, take a film “Gung Ho” for an example of cross-cultural people try to work for the same target and the same goal. It is a comedy movie. One can enjoy, laugh, and learn how to reach over the cultural difference and build a bridge of communication between different cultural backgrounds. The movie is not new, but the author highly recommends the movie as it teaches people basics about establishing a cross-cultural relationship and friendship.

Full Length Movies Online

The age of entertainment is upon you! In other words, you now have more options when it comes to entertainment than ever before. Naturally many people are taking full advantage of these options.

Robot Movie

Robot movie has created much hype in the Bollywood film industry with sizzling actors like Ash and Rajni starring in the film. There are Rajni robots in the film which have got emotions. Read on to know what the movie Robot is about and decide if it will be a hit or not.

Preparing a Party Inspired by Kids Movies

Have you noticed that once a child loved a movie, he will definitely want to be the character? At the same time, he also wants to collect things that are related to his favorite kids’ movies as well. So rather than having a hard time thinking about what your child would like for his birthday, why not create a theme inspired by movies for kids instead?

All About John Travolta Online

Knowing more about John Travolta on the Internet. Are you a fan of Grease which stars Olivia Newton John and John Travolta? You’re not alone. Many were mesmerized by their “summer loving” and other dance-musical numbers.