How to Get Free Broadband From Sky Television?

In today’s fast paced business world, successful results often depend on our ability to obtain new information fast. In order to equip ourselves with new knowledge, we need to access to internet very often. Going online is easy but you need to pay certain costs every month. Do you know that you can actually get the broadband service free? I am not joking. Now, Sky is providing you great deals!

TV Cheapskates

Cheapskates – we all know one – the guy who has always conveniently left his wallet in the car or needs change for a $100 bill for his $4 coffee, so he’ll get it “next time”. While they’re probably less pleasant to have around in real life, cheapskates make for exceptionally fun characters in the make-believe TV world.

John Travolta Movies – A Guide to Acting Success

Although every aspiring actor starts small with big hopes to make it in the movie arena, many have not succeeded. Whether it is caused by lack of self confidence or image projection with a better agent, this harsh and cruel world chews and spits out victims by the hundreds and thousands on a daily basis. To break the so-called glass ceiling controlled by agents, producers, directors and whoever else with clout in the movie kingdom, many artists try to find cracks and detours to bypass these road blocks.

Clara Bow Movies – Hollywood’s “It Girl”

“She danced even when her feet were not moving” Adolf Zukor. Her magical on screen presence as the first illustrious “flapper” of the roaring twenties had women across America walking, talking, dancing, and dressing like Clara Bow.

Bright Star

This movie is the heart wrenching tale of the borderline forbidden relationship between the poet John Keats and his muse Fanny Brawne in 19th Century England. Fanny makes all her own gowns and dresses and so visually this movie is uplifted by her extraordinary clothing. John’s best friend, mentor and financial support comes in the form of another poet, Brown, who is extremely critical of the ways of Ms. Brawne as well as the fate that would inevitably come to their forbidden love.

An Education

The screenplay for this movie was written by Nick Hornby who is one of the my favourite authors – he of the ‘About a Boy’ and ‘High Fidelity’ fame. This is a movie ultimately about the coming of age of an extremely bright 16 year old girl, Jenny, in a suburb of London in the early 1960s.

Why Batman?

Why does Batman have such an enduring legacy? Why does this superhero created long ago, who first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939, still hold such interest?

Shark Week – A Brief History

Each summer for over twenty years, the Discovery Channel features a week-long series of programming about our favorite sea-dwelling predator. Shark Week started as an experimental project for the budding network back in 1987 but it has since grown tremendously. Today it is one of the most popular TV events on any channel, attracting 29 million viewers in 2008.

Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Celebrity Cast Rumors

Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars begins in September, 2010. ABC will announce the official cast on August 30th but there are numerous rumors floating around about the celebrity cast. Here are a few of the names that are being mentioned as potential Season 11 cast members.

How to Make a Good Parody Movie

Recently, the movie Vampires Suck has been lambasted with several negative reviews. What are some of the best parody movies and why does this genre always seem to lack in the quality department?

Something’s Gotta Give – Love Knows No Age

A romantic comedy about an eternal playboy and a divorced playwright who find themselves falling in love in the most unexpected way. Will they be together or will they go back to their normal lives?

What Goes Behind the Best Movies Ever?

How does one qualify the best movie ever? Since each and every person has his or her plumb line, it is fair to say that the best movie is dependent on the individual.