Dream Big – Classic LDS Film

Dream Big was a film produced for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio in the year 1987. This film begins with a team of little league football players playing in a scrimmage game. The host of this film is none other than the legendary quarterback Bart Starr. Bart Starr played for the Green Bay Packers and helped lead his team to win the first Super Bowl.

From American Expatriate in China To Hollywood Movie Deal – With Alan Paul, Author of Big In China

Moving to China with a job waiting for you around the corner is one of the more familiar routes to take as a newly arrived expatriate, but what happens when you leave home with not so much of a salary guarantee but a sense of adventure? And what kind of willpower does it take to start a cross-cultural blues band that tours China, and later honored as 2008’s Best Band in Beijing?

Movie Review: Wrath of the Titans (2012)

In an attempt to outdo 2010’s Clash of the Titans, the sequel Wrath of the Titans introduces larger, more insidious foes for the noble warriors to battle. Yet the bigger the monsters get, the smaller the story becomes. Wrath presents an overly simplistic, straightforward plot that rarely utilizes its potential for awe, trading a few moments of impressive special effects for genuine adventure.

Movie Review: Mirror Mirror (2012)

“A little too much” sums up the entirety of Tarsem Singh’s whimsical fairy tale Mirror Mirror. From the lavish costume designs and bizarre CG creations to the over-the-top acting and points of monumental silliness, the latest reimagining of the Snow White fable confronts its zenith in every facet and intrepidly breaches it. The film’s inability to show restraint in its slapstick visuals and madcap gags causes a predictable repetition of puerility.

The Church in Action – Classic LDS Films

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s the LDS church produced a series of films called The Church in Action. These films were produced on a yearly basis, by BYU. The narrator was Rex L. Campbell a professor at the University of Utah and former broadcaster for KSL radio, a station owned by the LDS church. Rex passed away in the year 2000 at the age of 79. These films were each about 22 minutes long, each film showed the significant events that happened in the LDS church during those years.

Remakes: From Television to the Big Screen

Like fashion, a movie can be redone over several years, and still maintain its relevance. They say no idea is entirely original, and for the film industry that may be true. Some of today’s and yester-year’s box office hit movies have been remade from television shows. A television show can develop a cut-like following because the audience really becomes familiar with the character. Not every television show becomes a successful movie, but there are some that take a winning idea and break the box office.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to His Son About His Father

I watched this documentary sort of by accident a couple of years ago. I failed to update my Netflix queue after mailing off something or other, and before I realized my mistake, Netflix sent me what was next: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. I didn’t even remember adding it to my queue in the first place, but there it was in my mailbox. I read over the short synopsis on the sleeve of the DVD and took a chance. It has now become one of my favorite documentaries to date.

An Apprenticeship in Fame

If you are from Britain and hear the names Katie Hopkins and Stuart Baggs (the brand), what do you think of? Yes, the Apprentice, and as you will know they are all past competitors in Alan Sugar’s search for his next trainee. What singles these people out from the other seventy or eighty who have also tried to win that prized job, is that they all became celebrities as a result of being on the programme.

Drama Is Undead and Kicking on the CW

Let’s not get carried away. I’m not recommending that you track down episodes of the thankfully departed H8r or get into America’s Next Top Model. If Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill were your type of thing, you’d already be watching them. While some of the other programming on the network might be instantly forgettable, one genre the CW (and its predecessors, the WB and UPN) consistently does well is supernatural drama – especially the teenage variety.

Ordination – Classic LDS Filmstrip

I met George D. Durrant a prominent member of the LDS church. I had read a few of his books when I was in High School and really enjoyed them. He was a professor at BYU where he influenced a lot of people. I found an old LDS filmstrip with him and his family as the stars. The filmstrip was called Ordination.

Wailing for Love: Reflections on the “Hunger Games”

On March 23, 2012, my husband and I saw the movie “Hunger Games.” It is so many stories in one. It spoke to my husband and me, surprisingly on a deeply emotional level.

Why Many LDS Families Like VeggieTales

Mormons are always looking for ways to teach the scriptures and good principles to their children. Many member of the LDS church use the Living Scriptures. The Living Scriptures are really good, however, they just tell the stories. Learning the stories is only part of understanding the scriptures. Members of the Mormon faith try to do as Nephi directs in the Book of Mormon to liken the scriptures to their lives. There have been attempts to create entertainment that not only tells the stories but also likens the stories to the lives of children, these have been successful also.