Get the Taste of Television Entertainment on the Internet

Television is one of the rarest technological innovations which since the time of its invention has maintained a steady or rather an ascending favoritism of the people worldwide. The options of entertainment available on television are getting wider and wider with every passing minute. Not only entertainment, television is expanding its coverage to the areas related to general awareness, enlightenment and public addressing.

The HDMI – Is it the Best Connection Option For Your HDTV and Blu-Ray Player?

Do you know what HDMI stands for and why it very important if you want the best performance from electronic gadgets? More importantly, does it really matter how you connect your Blu-ray Player to your HDTV?

Strictly Comes Style

As the nights get longer and the days darker, one thing we can rely upon to brighten up the winter is the sparkle, glitz and glamour of Strictly Come Dancing. But it’s not just the impressive moves we fervently tune in for – the fabulous fashions pirouetting around the dance floor are enough to make anyone want to rush out to the shops.

Musician’s Friend

The TV and film industry is a Musicians Friend because if you get even one song licensed for TV or Film you will be on your way to financial freedom. Your Music would be Heard All Over The World, NOT making money from what you’re passionate about sucks! It leaves you feeling like you have no power in your life.

Old Movies Are Better!

Old movies are better. I’m not sure why. They usually are in black and white. The actors tend to be over dramatic.

Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Last week I thought to myself, “I will try and catch up on some films that I have missed at the cinema.” I was at the video shop and one film unfortunately caught my attention. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End’ seemed like a good choice as I had somewhat enjoyed the previous two installments.

Vera Cruz (1954) Gary Cooper & Burt Lancaster Team Up For Implausible Scenarios, Over-Acting

Vera Cruz (1954), Paramount studio launches its Western answer to CinemaScope with high hopes. Most critics give it high marks, but I’ll give you 5 Reasons the movie is sub par.

When You Think Netflix Don’t Think Just Movies

I’d be willing to bet that if someone explained to you what Netflix is, the words DVDs and movies would be mentioned multiple times. I’d also be willing to bet that the phrase “television shows” is never mentioned. That’s because most people aren’t aware that Netflix also offers television shows in addition to its giant movie collection. Missed the final season of Sopranos? Netflix has you covered. Wondering how each of the characters in Heroes discovered their powers? Netflix has you covered again.

DTV is Coming So Here is What You Need to Know to Make the Change

Talk about change! Well, mark this date, February 17, 2009. That is the date when over-the-air TV broadcasting stations are mandated by the government to switch the broadcasting signal form analog to digital.

Waterfalls in the Movies

Ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy influenced our decision to honeymoon in New Zealand, I started to think about the other movies that featured waterfalls in them. So which movies featured such waterfalls?

Aap Ki Kachehri -Kiran Ke Saath

The end of popular saas-bahu sagas on star plus has come up with a refreshing new reality show by a women host, IPS Officer, Kiran Bedi who is the first Indian and highest ranking woman officer with an experience of 35 years in Indian Police Service. Aap Ki Kachehri -Kiran Ke Saath a show is replacing Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi popular among Indians and middle-east. It was about to begin from November 10 but delayed by a week due to a black out planned on Indian television for the coming week.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – A Budget, What’s That?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is topping the charts. These girls throw money around like its water. Most houses in Atlanta are huge, and the lifestyles of many people there is just as shallow. I’m from Atlanta, and people ask me all the time, Is it really like that?