Superman Returns: Top Movie Review

Although Superman Returns is the sequel of the famous Superman series of films, all of them being top rated movies, yet it ignores the two previous Superman series films and does not acknowledge the continuity of events from Superman III (released in 1983) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (released in 1987). In fact it tries to bring the story forward from the first two superman films of 1978 and 1980.

Alice in Wonderland: Top Movie Review

Alice Kigsleigh, enacted by Mia Wasikowska who has figured in many movies by Walt Disney Studios, has lost her father and while attending a party at Lord Ascot’s garden, the girl is confronted with questions of career and marriage. Unable to face it, a confused Alice chases a waistcoat wearing rabbit and falls down a rabbit hole into the underland that she had visited when she was six years old and which she had uncorrectly heard as Wonderland. The residents of underland, the White Rabbit, Domouse, Dodo, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, both portrayed by Matt Lucas, versatile actor of many movies, welcome her and take her to wise Absolem, the Caterpillar who tells her that she is the chosen one who slay Jabberwocky, knight of Red Queen, played by Helena Bonham Carter, heart throb of many movies, and help restore powers of White Queen, a role put to perfection by Anna Hathaway, a part of many movies, on Frabjous Day. The group is attacked by playing-card soldiers led by Knave of Hearts who in the movie has been portrayed by Crispin Glover the first choice of top rated movies and Bandersnatch but Alice manages to run into the woods.

Bonnie and Clyde Retrospective

Movies like any art form change meaning based upon the experiences of the viewer. We can’t hop in a time machine and travel back to 1967 to see Bonnie and Clyde through the eyes of those that were there at the time. We are prisoners of the moment; we can’t but help to see it with the 40+ years of the cinema experiences and cultural changes that have happened since the movie’s release.

Spiderman 3: Top Movie Review

Spider-Man 3, written and directed by Sam Raimi, who has directed some of the top rated movies, has screenplay by Ivan Raimi and Alvin Sargent. Based on the fictional comic character made famous by Marvel Comics, makers of many top 10 movies, this is the third movie in the series, starring Tobey Maguire, as the superhero Spiderman with Kirsten Dunst, essaying the role of his lady love Mary Jane Watson and his arch enemy, Harry Osborn portrayed by James Franco; all these being the stars of many top movies.

Apolo and Julianne – A Perfect Dancing Pair

In February of 2007 it was announced that Apolo Anton Ohno would be participating in the popular reality show, Dancing with the Stars. He would be teamed up with professional ballroom dancer and country western singer Julianne Hough.

Jennifer Aniston – Everything You Need to Know

Jennifer Joanna Aniston, the American actress, Film director & Producer was born in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California on 11th February 1969. Her father John Aniston and mother Nancy Dow were both actors. Her parents divorced when she was only nine. She has two half brothers.

David Letterman – Everything You Need to Know

David Letterman, an American Television host and a comedian was born on 12th April 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father Harry Joseph Letterman was a florist and his mother a church secretary. He has an older sister Janice and a younger sister Gretchen. His father survived a heart attack at the age of 36 and the fear of losing his father was constantly with Letterman as he grew up. He always admired his father’s ability to tell jokes and be the life of the party. His father died at the age of 57.

Cameron Diaz – Everything You Need to Know

Cameron Diaz the blonde, blue eyed 5’9″ tall actress model was born on 30th August 1972, in San Diego, California. She is the second child of Bille an import export agent and Emili Diaz has an older sister Chimene and an older brother Michele.

The Best Of The Best Tim Burton Films

Tim Burton is easily one of the more creative and interesting directors in all of Hollywood. For well over twenty years, Burton has been the creative mind behind some of the most visually stunning and twisted films in all of the movie industry. This article will look at what I consider to be Tim Burton’s greatest movies from throughout his career.

The Walking Dead Preview

In an era of entertainment where vampires and crime dramas are center stage, where the hell are all the zombies? We are in definite need of an apocalyptic setting, and AMC is set to give us just that with its upcoming series The Walking Dead. Airing Halloween night, The Walking Dead is based on a very long running comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. The comics Center on the trials and tribulations of Rick Grimes and a small group of survivors after a zombie outbreak. What starts out as a simple journey to find his wife and son, the series quickly develops into a story of betrayal and survival in a world of psychopaths and killers.

The Movie Rentals Trade for a Changed World

In Netflix’s war with Blockbuster, Netflix appeared to be better in touch with today’s movie rentals business scene than the latter and fittingly, remained a strong market presence while Blockbuster had to file for bankruptcy protection. Netflix is already struggling with its next battle in the war for movie rentals supremacy, against competitors like Google, Amazon and Apple. Movie rentals are no longer just about sending DVDs out.

Christopher Goutman: On Working With Writers and Saying Goodbye to As the World Turns

As the World Turns Executive Producer Christopher Goutman talks about working with writers. He also reflects on what he’ll miss about the long-running soap opera.