Dark Knight Rises

There’s always one movie each year I look forward too, and this year the “Dark Knight Rises” is that movie for me. This is not a type of movie I’ll say “I’ll wait for it to come out on Netflix. This is the movie I will brave the crowds for, sit in a broken seat, and truly enjoy the theatre experience.

How a Book Is Turned Into a Movie

Do you love seeing books you’ve read turned into movies? Here is a rundown of how exactly that happens and what’s involved from beginning to end.

Movie Review: Safe (2012)

Safe fulfills the expectations of modern thrillers with its breakneck pacing, over-the-top violence, and explosive action sequences. Don’t let the numerous location changes within the film’s opening few minutes fool you – there’s little time wasted on lengthy introductions or complex motives as the tumultuous mayhem starts quickly and refuses to subside until the final frame. The brutal combat borders on the monotonous, but it also unflinchingly delivers what its audience wants to see, without stopping for development.

Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

No groundbreaking ideas or themes are presented in The Five-Year Engagement, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining. Spurts of slapstick, a dash of vulgar humor, generous helpings of uncomfortable awkwardness, and a pinch of melodrama seasons the film with a cross of genres and unexpected laughs. Although moments of sudden darkness cloud the generally light-hearted mood, the greatest achievement for writer/star Jason Segel and writer/director Nicholas Stoller is that the characters are never despicable and retain a likeability that typically shirks away from roles designed to have dramatic, dynamic ups and downs.

What Are And Where You Can Find The Longest Running Shows On TV

Some television shows do not survive a single season and vanish from the airways forever. Others manage not only to survive season after season but decade after decade, becoming the longest running shows on television. These long running TV shows run the gamut of genres and formats, from news magazines to late night comedy shows and from cartoons to legal dramas.

Is The Brave Heroine Becoming A Reality?

Why is the new Disney Pixar Brave movie so important? What is making the heroine Merida a reality? Why does Disney need the brave movie to be a blockbuster? Read on to see why I feel that the Pixar Brave movie will be the blockbuster of 2012.

Getting To Know the Real Woody Allen

The article is an informative guide and a biographical account about all the important aspects and events in Woody Allen’s life. Between takes he remains near the set accessible to cast and crew. Usually he is in a chair nearby talking to his assistant, reading a newspaper, or practicing his clarinet.

How to Become an Actor in Hollywood – The Truth That Nobody Else Will Tell You

If you’re wondering how to become an actor, then you’ve obviously been bitten by a bug, and now have a dream to fulfill. That’s a wonderful thing to have a dream. The problem is that many people fool themselves into thinking that it’s an easier thing to do than it truly is.

Sunshine Cleaning Introduced a First for a Maid Service in Film

Sunshine Cleaning was a 2008 comedy drama that focused on a family that started a cleaning and maid service. The film starred Amy Adams and Emily Blunt as the main characters and was directed by Christine Jeffs. After it appeared at the Sundance Film Festival, the film received rave reviews in commercial theatres.

Watching A Movie Will Relieve Stress

Watching movies is a great way to deal with stress. If you feel stressed, a good comedy may help you unwind.

TV And The Young Ones – Some Trustworthy Tips

So What’s On TV? When it comes to your young children and television, how much tv is too much tv for them? Letting your kid watch TV is not a bad thing – if done in moderation.

Tips to Prepare for Going to an Outdoor Movie

Summer is almost here, and, if you are lucky, that means it is time to enjoy outdoor movies under the stars. Whether you are headed to a movie in the park in your town, a church movie event, or even a backyard movie night, these tips will help you make the most of an outdoor movie night experience.