A Brief History of Tron

Tron (Original) is a Disney classic made in 1982. A young Jeff Bridges stars in this Sci-fi cult classic, where you feel like you’re teleported into the wide world of electronics, video games and computers. Tron was made popular because it was one of the…

Sucker Punch (2011) – Zack Snyder’s Newest Eye Candy

Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie, Sucker Punch (2011), have attracted a lot of attention since the newest trailer came out in early November. Snyder’s new fantasy world involved fire-breathing serpents, giant robots, samurai warriors, and sexy girls wielding swords and machine guns. It will be a serious summer movie contender, but can Snyder’s Baby Doll take up the challenge of her enemies?

Movies – The Charm of the Silver Screen

The glitter and glamor of the movie world has caught the fancy of viewers from time immemorial. The larger than life portrayals of the characters and the stories have enraptured audiences alike across the world. Who can forget the timeless beauty of old Hollywood actresses and the debonair charm of the actors?

Superhero Play for Kids

Nowadays, kids watching television highly contributes to ideas that they tend to play and act like superheroes as they’ve seen it. And superhero play will always be a part of a child’s growing years. Kids either play with action figures or use props and dress up as superheroes such as marvel heroes or an x-men character in particular.

Morgan Freeman Movies

For those of you who are looking for a good movie to watch with great characterization, you can’t do much better than choosing one of the many Morgan Freeman movies. Whether playing a small supporting role in movies like “Glory” or a leading role in such Movies as “Se7en,” Morgan Freeman always gives a strong and powerful performance that makes watching any movie he is in a pure pleasure.

Online TV Shows

Most of the people love to surf the internet and for this, they often keep visiting different sites. They want to get some fresh information and try to explore the every avenue of the internet. If you are also trying to have some online shows then you will not have to move pillar to the post on the internet because now, you have an excellent opportunity to watch these all shows on the internet.

The Hottest Teen Actors of 2010

Teen heartthrob actors have been around since the time of talkies. Every generation has a male heartthrob that makes teenaged girls swoon, and that drives the kids to the movies, and to watch their TV shows. These young actors are so hot, because teenaged girls like to imagine what it would be like if they could date these guys. Merchandisers make hand over fist money off of the image of hot teen actors. There are posters, button, pins, and whole magazine dedicated to young hot teen heartthrobs.

3 Top Celebrity News Bits of 2010

2010 like any other year has been chock full of celebrity happenings. Here’s a look at a few of the top celebrity news items from the year that is almost over: Sandra Bullock leaves Jesse James, John Travolta and Kelly Preston Have a Baby, The Death of Gary Coleman. Read More.

Books on Film: The Best Fantasy Adaptations

As an avid reader, a dying species if I consult my friends, I’m always looking into whether a film can truly measure up to the book. In most cases, no they can’t. If it is a good film, the best it can achieve is to evoke the spirit of the book.

Will Wagner Be The End Of The X Factor?

Can the success of Wagner be the death knell of the X Factor? The show is a global phenomenon though its only failing is that is relies on the public to send the acts through to the following week. You turn the public against you and you reap what you sow. Case in point, Wagner.

An Introduction to the Main Characters of Fringe

FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham is the most important character in the TV show. She is thirty years old employee of the special “Fringe” division of US Department of Homeland Security. The unit deals with case involving strange and inexplicable phenomena.

Review of Buried

Not a movie for claustrophobic people. This is my review of the movie Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds, the new handsome man of American movies.