Mick Dodge, The Popular Outdoorsman

Mick Dodge is a popular outdoorsman who enjoys teaching folks about the great outdoors using humor mixed with his experience. Read about his unusual life ahead.

Selma Movie – Oprah and Martin Luther King Have a Taken 3 Problem

SELMA – Great film, but there are two box office problems that will probably occur. The first problem is that people often do not want to be reminded of such a dark history in America’s relatively recent past, although, it’s still very relevant. So many theater goers will run to an escapism type movie like Taken 3, the Liam Neeson film involves a senior citizen who can take out armies of men.

Long Journey of the Gujarati Nataks

Gujarati Nataks have their long tradition. This tradition has much to do with the kind of presentation that the present Gujarati theatrical productions have. In fact, these productions are now receiving wide appreciation from the different parts of India for its high craftiness and cultural blending. The rich tradition and culture that Gujarati Theater has, very often is evident even in the most modern Gujarati productions.

The Hollywood Money Game

What is wrong with how Hollywood produces movies and especially movie Franchises. A review of the movie franchise Taken 3.

Ten Famous Actresses Who Married Musicians

Of all the novel sitcom ideas that writers have dreamt up from Hollywood, none of them has used a subject as potentially entertaining as a relationship between a famous actress and a musician. There have been quite a number of such alliances over the past five decades, several of which would serve as excellent examples for a literally rocking sitcom. Here are ten couples whose relationships could be used as a basis for a TV series about an established actress who becomes romantically involved with an established musician or recording artist.

Maintaining High Tension in Movies

How to maintain high tension throughout an entire movies. Mentioning 3 movies in history that do that very well.

Why Amazon Prime Is a Good Choice

Ever thought of joining Amazon Prime? If you are thinking about it, perhaps this article will help you decide. It’s a great deal if you love free fast shipping and you are a movie lover. It offers so many awesome features for the whole family.

What Makes a Great Movie

What are the components of a great movie. What separates the average movies from the great movies.

Unbroken – A New Film Report

How do you film the great story of a man who lived “unbroken”– from one thousand nine hundred seventeen until his death in two thousand fourteen- ninety-seven years of robust living coupled with endurance? The film I viewed tried to do this well–hoping to give us Louie Zamperini’s unquenchable spirit to live.

Top Five – A New Film Report

Everyone knows that Chris Rock is a funny man. Top Five is his attempt to show that he’s serious, too. Rock wrote and directed as well as starred in this new film. He is Andre Allen– a sort of stand-in self. The movie starts off with him on a stroll with a New York Times celeb reporter– Chelsea Brown– who’s well-played by Rosario Dawson. As she asks questions and he quips answers, they pass on foot along Upper Westside to the Lower reaches of Manhattan.

The Worthy But Lesser-Known Foes of Batman

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a DVD set of the Batman TV series from 1966. I had been waiting years for campy collection, but it had been unavailable until just this year. As I watched the various episodes, most of which pitted the caped crusaders against their most common villains like Penguin, Joker, and Catwoman, I made several observations about the other Gotham City menaces.

Wild, a Meaningful Adventure

Last month I was invited by AMC Theater to a complimentary screening of Wild. The film was described as one woman’s 1,100-mile journey to self-discovery, and it was based on the bestselling book by Cheryl Strayed. I decided to go because the story seemed unique and meaningful, and such stories are not easy to come by.