Film Soundtracks – Brings the Great Impression to Films

Film is a great artwork people can enjoy and learn many things from. Do you realize that the film soundtrack becomes an important part of film?

Save Time and Money by Renting Movies Online

One of our favorite ways to spend a night in is to hire a DVD. I bet you do it the old fashioned way of driving to a store to pick it up then having return it by a set time so that you don’t get a fine. If this is you then renting online may be the best option.

Rich Heritage of Indian Films

Indian film industry is one of most popular industry that serves as a vehicle to showcase cultural, moral, and social beliefs. Since centuries Indian films have been recognized worldwide for their excellent direction, great script, superb acting, outstanding choreography, and heart warming songs. The early movies ushered in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali language but now the entire gamut of language and culture is heard and reflected in Indian movies.

DVD Packaging – Keeping Your Movies Safe

DVD packaging can be found in a variety of styles. In fact, digital video is often packed in some of the same case styles offered for CD’s. These common styles include c-shell cases, die cut jackets, adhesive hubs, digipaks, kick out cases, a wide variety of sleeves and jewel cases.

“My Name is Khan” – Most Controversial Hindi Movie of This Year

A story of Rizwan Khan who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a type of Autism but he is very good at learning and remembering things and brilliant at repairing almost everything! Story of this guy travelling all over the US to meet Mr. President to tell him, “My name is Khan. And I am not a terrorist.”

“Kurbaan” – Bollywood’s Take on Terrorism

Not the usual Karan Johar flick where you know there will be a love story, there will be drama, lot of rona-dhona (crying) and ultimately a happy ending… No this was different, this had a love story, this had its share of drama but still this one was not very predictable. I would say an okay story, good performances, may be not worth awards but definitely not boring. People had actually worked to emphasize their typical accents.

Digital TV – Synonymous of Fun and Entertainment

Gone are the days of analog television and poor picture quality. With digital TVs reaching everywhere in the UK, it is all-about high-definition videos and better picture quality.

The Scary Fate of Pre-Sale Deposits

Once upon a time, there was a producer I knew who held onto his projects’ pre-sale deposits for almost five years, before a collection account company pried them from his grasp. Even though his projects (plural) never got made, he nonetheless felt entitled to hold onto his perpetually stalled films’ deposits.

Kirstie Alley’s Big Life – The Weight Loss Sequel

She’s back. Get ready for weight loss images galore. Kirstie Alley is returning to TV for real.

What Will it Take For 3DTV to Become Main Stream?

HDTV took over a decade to become main stream since its invention. 3DTV will have to go through the same issues that HDTV did to become mainstream.

Lost Season 6 Episode 4 – The Substitute

Locke and Helen are together and planning a marriage. They are apparently on good terms with Locke’s father as they speak of inviting him to the wedding. Locke gets fired, meets Hurley, Hurley hooks him up with a temp agency where he meets Rose, then Rose gets him a job as a substitute teacher where he meets Ben Linus who is a European History teacher.

B4 Nine and Lady GaGa – Fellini

The filmmaker Fredrico Fellini has influenced several people in the entertainment industry, people like Lady GaGa and the director of Nine. But what influenced him? This article looks at the Christian influences in his life.