Buy Movie Tickets Online

There are numerous websites that you can select from if he/she wishes to buy one’s movie tickets online; most sites ask that persons become a member the site and put in their details for buying tickets and then they will have access to local show times and information regarding various theaters, and movie trailers and analysis. You will not even be asked to join the line at the ticket office to receive a printout of his/her obtained ticket as some theaters will accept ticket printouts that persons can print themselves prior to leaving one’s home or office and going to the theater.

“Adeus, Pai” Starring Jose Afonso Pimentel

Filipe (Jose Afonso Pimentel) has never spent any time with his father. He has never gone fishing. He has never played catch.

Time For New Godzilla Action Figures and New Godzilla DVD Sets

If you are a true Godzilla fan, you probably have one or more figures modeling this Japanese character. Don’t you think it is time to have more of these toys available?

Experience the Glitz and Glamour of the Cannes Film Festival!

Taking place in one of Europe’s most prestigious resort towns is the world’s most prestigious film festival, the Cannes Film Festival. It’s one of the oldest of its kind and it’s an event that everyone in the movie industry has their eyes on come May every year.

Lost – Happily Ever After

Sliders? This episode confirmed some of my theories about how this show will end. Any sliders fans out there?

10 Films You Should See

Without movies our world of entertainment will not be complete. In fact movies do hold the greatest significance among all our entertainment activities. It gives us the maximum pleasure and makes us experience all the feelings that a human being has. Movies are a great source of hangout and it is the best way to find pleasure with the whole family.

Home Theater Installation Specialists

Home theater installation specialists helps the customers or clients in selection, quality work, intelligent decision for buying the product, better installation of the system and explains about all new products, their advantages and disadvantages. The tailored approach of the home theater specialists not only satisfies the customer needs but also goes beyond their expectations.

Hollywood Adoptions – Celebrities and Their Families

Several celebrities adopt children from other countries and make them a part of their families. It is easy for them to bring up children in comforts and give them everything that they need. We keep hearing about the most popular actors and actresses of Hollywood adopting children from places like Africa and Asia.

3D Technology in Modern Movies

Movies are our greatest source of entertainment. People from all ages, children to old age do find relief and pleasure watching movies. There have been many value additions to the modern movies that have attracted more audiences to the theatres. 3D technology has been one among those prominent value additions to our movies.

Crispin Glover Surfaces in Hot Tub

Crispin Glover is getting some buzz for resurrecting his career as a rude, one-armed bellhop in John Cusack’s latest comedy vehicle: Hot Tub Time Machine. Of course, Glover’s career didn’t necessarily need a resurrection because he’s on a roll, recently appearing in box office hit, Alice in Wonderland.

The History of the Television Talk Show Host

Early TV programming was live, most of it produced in television studios before real audiences in Manhattan. The major networks — CBS, NBC, ABC and the early TV stalwart, Dumont — all maintained a presence in New York City.

“Cheesecake” Starring Pavel Melenchuk

“Cheesecake” is about a troubled 13 year old boy who is having difficulties at home. He has no father, and his alcoholic mother has a string of one-night-stands that all tend to end in drunken stupors. When Alyosha (Pavel Melenchuk) is chosen to be in a commercial for cheesecake (thus the name), it seems he may have finally caught a break.