Classic Western Movies – Enjoyed a Resurgence in More Recent Days With Great Success

The western movie genre conjures up cowboy and Indians in most people’s minds. However, the classic western movies are quite simply put, much more than that and there are many actors as well as actresses that have taken part in this wonderful and sometimes historic representation of the American west life and times.

The Personality of “Blade”

The character I chose from one of my favorite films is: “Blade.” I see this character as having more of the facets of neuroticism than the other four trait clusters. Blade’s behavior shows anxiety, angry hostility, depression, self-consciousness, impulsiveness, and vulnerability at times during this film. This is the main trait I see him possessing the most of.

Heroes Episodes (A Journey Through Time)

Heroes is a science fiction T.V. drama series originating from America. Heroes first episode premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. Directed by David Sernel and written by Tim Kring the Heroes episode “Genesis” had 14.10 million American viewers that day.

What’s Playing at the Movies?

You would think that movie theaters would go out of business, what with the popularity of DVD movie rentals and Pay Per View movies, but the movie industry is still going strong. When it comes to looking for something fun to do on the weekends, going to the movie theater is still pretty high on the list, probably only second to fine dining and shopping.

The Old Versus the New – 90210 TV Show

Ah, the nineties, Wynona Ryder, Beverly Hills 90210 TV show, Nirvana angst. These are very fun times for us who were brought up during the nineties.

The Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver – Is it Really Essential?

What do we know about the Dr Who sonic screwdriver? We know that the Tradis can make a new sonic screwdriver, this is implied in the episode “Smith and Jones” when the Doctors sonic screwdriver is burnt out and at the end of episode he reappears with a new one and invites…

Viewers Still Turning to Television For Entertainment

While many experts are speculating that television viewership has decreased due to the Internet and video websites, new reports have shown that television is still the screen of choice for many people. A recent report has found that alternative forms of television, including online video, are having little impact on the number of people who tune in to their favourite shows through television sets. The report notes that 75 per cent of adults disagreed with the notion that they are watching less traditional television because of the Internet, and many said they …

Marriage – Is David Letterman Still Cool?

David Letterman finally gets married to long time girlfriend Regina Lasko. After having dated since 1986 many wonder what took David Letterman so long to get married. In show business everybody is in your business. What stars do in their personal life effects their professional life. As a reader what is your opinion? Is Davids marriage to Regina going to help or hurt his career?

Law and Order Slips in Ratings – Overtaken by Who Do You Think You Are?

The UK version of the television series Law and Order saw 600,000 fewer viewers on March 2nd, compared to the show’s second installment debut the week before. Law & Order: UK, which is based on the US drama franchise, now has 5.8 million viewers and a 24 per cent share in the 9:00 pm hour – down from its launch rating of 6.

Ice Age 3 the Movie

Ice Age 3…The third in this fun kids movie series and a popular birthday party theme for kids! You probably already know what this is movie is about and have already met the wonderful Ice Age Characters, but have you thought about using this movie to get some ideas for a kids party? If your child is an Ice Age fan, why not invite this enjoyable, prehistoric cast to be your next kids party…as the party theme! Make your party invitations using pictures of the cast, make a dinosaur cake and play games like Pin the Trunk on the Wooly Mammoth.

Hollywood Films – Exciting the Youth

Hollywood is a great film industry that is acclaimed in almost each and every country. Some genius people in Hollywood like Matt Damen, Brad Pitt and Jim Carry have taken this industry to a new level. Hollywood comes up with lots of superhero movies every year which can showcase really awesome special effects. The movies from this industry are quite successful in attracting the audiences all over the world.

Why Gossip Girls is Not Just For the Shallow

In the television world, there seems always to be room for the high school drama of the times. Gossip Girls is the latest. Speckled with reality, but usually drenched with fantasy, well-groomed adolescents graze on outlandish meals in SoHo and hang out in hotel rooms filled with high definition TV’s. Though it is nothing short of tawdry and materialistic, it is not just a show for the shallow.