3 Key Points in The History of Anime

Japanese animation (aka Anime) has gained much popularity in the past few decades. Explore some key points in the history of Anime. Find out how Disney is related to anime.

10 Best Looking Women in Sports Movies

I thought about writing about the least attractive women in sports women but I got as far as Barbara Hershey from Hoosiers, and I thought about the scene when she kisses Gene Hackman, remembered how it was like watching my grandparents make-out, I gagged and then decided to go in a totally different direction. So I will now present to you the 10 hottest women from sports movies.

Hulu Adds to the Media Blur

Hulu.com is another in a series of changes we are seeing going on in media today. The site isn’t without weaknesses: the clips are essentially useless and the name does nothing to help people understand its value. However, I believe in the balance, Hulu will be among many media outlets that will change the way we get our entertainment.

Indiana Jones and the Fedora

The Indiana Jones movies have changed the hat industry. Hatters are awaiting a big boost with the release of the new movie in May.

Entertainment Tonight – Still The Best Place On Television To Get Your Gossip Fix

Entertainment Tonight has brought the most fascinating and up to date news and gossip from Hollywood for decades. Without becoming tacky and intrusive, Entertainment Tonight only delivers the gossip and movie news you want. Make sure you tune in tonight and see what you’ve been missing.

Meerkat Manor – The Cutest Faces On TV

Somehow, Animal Planet has turned Meerkat Manor into one of the most engaging television shows on cable today. If you love cute little furry critters, make sure you tune into animal planet and don’t miss this wonderful series.

Sex And The City – Loved The Show – Can’t Wait For The Movie!

Sex and the City was one of the first comedies solely about women that portrayed them as smart, funny, and vibrant people with interesting lives. With DVD’s, reruns, and the new movie coming out, there’s no excuse to miss this wonderful show.

The Sopranos – A Family Walking The Line Between Redemption and Destruction

The Sopranos was one of the most important shows on television in the last 30 years. Now available through reruns on regular cable and on DVD, make sure you start watching if you haven’t seen this groundbreaking series.

Goliath Against Barbarians – Rome Against Zombies – Two Italian Spectaculars

As Italian sword-and-sandal spectaculars go, Goliath Against Barbarians is one of the best. American Steve Reeves sports his small beard and huge muscles as he plays a character whose name is not Goliath but something authentic-sounding and yet barely discernible.

Perry Mason

There are few actors so closely tied to a persona than Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. This long-running series was built upon Erle Stanley Gardner´s many novels about a brilliant defense lawyer and his staff, that solved many a crime with surprise witnesses and stern cross-examinations.

The Politics Of Negotiation

Now it’s the turn of Jodhaa-Akbar. For allegedly hurting the sentiments of someone or the other, it is getting banned in state after state. The ban has become so glibly used that today it seems to have become a routine part of our lives. The electric aura around a banned book or film has disappeared altogether for today anything can be banned for virtually any reason. Gather ten people, break a couple of windows, get a television channel on the spot and, presto, you have created a national outrage. Soon you will have a vocal representative of your cause butting heads with other talking heads in righteous discussions.

Colloidal Silver “Blue Man” Returns To Today Show

The so-called colloidal silver “blue man,” Paul Karason, was back on the Today show this week. He had previously appeared on the show and had promised to allow blood tests to be administered to himself in order to ascertain if his excessive colloidal silver consumption had caused any health or medical problems other than the argyric skin staining. Now the initial blood tests results are in. And guess what? It turns out he is healthy as a horse, in spite of his “blue” appearance.