Top 5 London Musicals and Their Star Performers

This article is about the five most popular and highest grossing London Musicals. A description of London sets the five musicals in context and explains a little bit about the West end’s success and reputation.

Movie Review – WE

If a woman had to make the choice of leaving her husband, she had better be sure the choice was worth it. Otherwise, she will either live to regret it. Or, she will take the risk and live somewhat better.

The IT Crowd = Standard Nerds

British television shows are either hit or miss with me. I am a hardcore fan of The Office (David Brent is far superior to Michael Scott), but I can’t seem to get into the cult classic Absolutely Fabulous. My sister introduced me to a little British sitcom called The I.T. Crowd early last year and, I must admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the first season. The concept is simple enough. Three people work in the I.T. department for Reynholm Industries (a corporation that does….something, but it’s never revealed what exactly).

Movie Review of Dark Shadows

If you haven’t noticed, there’s sort of a big vampire craze going on right now in the entertainment industry, so you can’t really blame Tim Burton and Johnny Depp for their attempt at joining in the fun. If you are hung up on your undead being of the sparkly and smoldering variety, however, you’ll have to stick with Young Adult fiction—–these characters are darker and a little less likely to end up on a poster on your tween daughter’s bedroom door.

Spartacus Vengeance: Episode 4 – Empty Hands – Recap *Spoiler*

I recap episode four of Spartacus: Vengeance with little tidbits of humor laced throughout. This recap is NOT spoiler free. In fact, it’s laden with spoilers.

The Philippine Cinema’s Journey: A Coming of a Spring

“Walang himala, ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao!” (There are no miracles; a miracle is within someone’s heart!) A prominent actor in a Filipino classic (Himala) yells, almost a chant.

Jedi Church Created From Star Wars Movies

Everyone’s favorite movie has people diving off the deep end and compromising their beliefs. Not only do fanatics dress up in costumes and stand in lines for hours, sometimes days, on end for movie events, but they also create religions based upon the series. Jediism is apparently growing in parts of the world and it’s radically opposed to the Bible.

Haywire Movie Review Starring Gina Carano

What makes this movie so special is Gina Carano and the supporting cast. But at the end of the day, it’s Gina that carries this film. It’s the way she moves. There is something so incredibly athletic and powerful when she runs, kicks, or kisses. The way she handles firearms you would think she was real life SWAT. When she runs it’s like watching a Stallion in full stride. And when she fights, it’s like, well watching her in the real life Octagon she hails from.

Movie Review: Battleship (2012)

While watching Battleship, you’d think it would be hard to forget that the movie is based on a Hasbro board game. But with a surplus of enormous explosions, mechanical beasts, swimsuit models, hip hop singers, and giant spinning orbs of doom, it’s easy to mentally substitute a thousand prior films as inspiration rather than the iconic strategy game. Perhaps it’s difficult to envision new territory in alien invasion movies, but Battleship so generously borrows from predecessors (and even video games like Halo), that it’s a wonder the filmmakers bothered to credit the title’s source at all.

New Hindi Films Attract Huge New Fan Base

Hindi films, otherwise known as Bollywood films, have experienced an increase in popularity over the past 10 years, and the quality of the new hindi movies being made has increased a great deal. This genre is now enjoyed on a worldwide scale. New hindi films are now big business and writers & producers are trying out new types of film projects that have previously never been seen within the hindi film genre before, and the industry is constantly attracting new followers all the time.

How Doctor Who Has Survived Over the Decades

The show Doctor Who is one of those amazing rarities in television that has managed to survive over the decades.  The series has spanned over nearly five decades and has maintained continual success in the BBC television science-fiction series.  The long running series has included eleven different faces of the Doctor who is an extraterrestrial from the planet Gallifrey.

Choosing Your Break Wisely So When You Return, It’s Like a Fresh Start!

This is all about how to unwind at work for most of us who are working full-time. The means and the avenues available on-line which might best cater to your need, at the same time taking a minuscule amount of time, are listed down. Work must be interspersed with breaks chosen and spent thoughtfully.