Who’s Going to Be Good This Christmas? George or Santa?

Looking for open-handed gift-givers in all the wrong places? Santa’s not there for you big boys and girls. The secret to finding a generous personality could be as simple as the nose on somebody’s face. Face reading has fascinated people for over 2,500 years. From a person’s face, the reader gets amazingly much information. Is Hollywood’s best gift giver Santa Claus or George Clooney?

Film Review Of “The Good Shepherd”

The film “The Good Shepherd” was released in 2006 and received good reviews from critics. It also was nominated for an academy award and received the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin film festival. The polt revolves around the formation of the CIA. In 1961, the Bay of Pigs Invasion failed due to an informant or intelligence leak of some sort. Soon after, a photograph and recordings on the on reel to reel” style tape are dropped off anonymously at the house of a CIA officer, Edward Wilson.

Blockbuster Star Orlando Bloom

You have known him as the elf-prince Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and blacksmith Will Turner in the Pirates of Carribbean trilogy. Since then, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after leading men in Hollywood today.

Transformers Cybertron Starscream

Transformers Cybertron Starscream is a Decepticon that frequently appears in many of the Transformers series. He sometimes takes the role as leader of the flying Decepticon Seekers and other times he’s known to be second in command under the almighty Megatron.

Scorponok From Transformers – A Deadly Scorpion Machine

The evil Decepticon Scorponok from Transformers takes no victims, anyone who dares to stand in his way end up being a victim of his destructive wrath. Scorponok is connected to Lord Zarak and in Generation 1 he’s the leader of the Decepticon Headmasters.

Transformers Cybertron Megatron – Decepticon Leader

Transformers Cybertron Megatron is the the Decepticon’s leader, a Transformers robot who transforms originally into a Walther P38. Very much like his main rival Optimus Prime, Megatron is given wide exposure in the Transformers Universe due to his role as the evil leader he is.

Frenzy – A Transformers Character On Speed

Frenzy from Transformers is an evil Decepticon that can transform into a cassette. In the original series his partners are Ravage, Buzzaw and Laserbeak.

Transformer Devastator – Unmatched Strength

Decepticon Transformer Devastator is built by the combination of the Coinstructicons. This flawless combination of wrath gives form to arguably the strongest Decepticon of them all.

Blackout From Transformers – A Machine of Destruction

In generation 1, Blackout from Transformers is Spaceshot’s partner and they’re a team of Micromasters Combiners. Originally they always appeared together in the animated series, thus making it hard to distinguish between the two who was who. According to his biography, Blackout is a brave warrior, but frequently a coward when the odds where just slightly turned against him or his team. On the other hand Spaceshot obliged him to keep pushing till the end of the battle was reached.

Barricade From Transformers – One Loyal Decepticon

Barricade from Transformers is a robot who can turn into a Formula One racing car and is member of the race track patrol team. As the Race Track Patrol front man he brings fierce and edgy combat tactics which he learned racing against other gangs in Cybertron.

Watch TV Online – Is This The End?

When you Watch TV Online does it make sense? It seems that more and more people are watching they’re TV online. If they’re not doing it front of they’re computer they have an Apple TV or TIVO box which they are pulling content off the Internet instead of the airwaves. This trend has a demand that even the broadcast networks are responding to. TV networks are now allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows on the web with short commercials

Full Comments on Harry Potter Movie – Order of the Phoenix

After four Harry Potter movies, we finally get a chance to see Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) kissing. As the movie cast grow into their teenage years, so does the “heat” in the scenes.