What Makes Robert Pattinson So Popular?

Twilight and Robert Pattinson have become something of a phenomenon. Is all the fuss worth it? Do the movie and actor live up to the hype? Here are my two cents!

What Movies Measure Up

Millions of dollars are spent on costumes and special effects (to say nothing of the big salaries offered to the stars) in order to convert the cartoon images into lifelike reality. But is it worth the effort? Can these fantastic adventures make the trip from our minds to our theatres?

Unbiased View on the New James Bond

James Bond is one of the most recognizable names in literature. According to his creator, Ian Fleming, “James Bond is a highly romanticized version of a true spy.

The New Age James Bond – Daniel Craig

What do Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have in common? All of them have played the most coveted role of Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. Unfortunately, they have now hanged their sleeves and made way for the new James Bond: Daniel Craig.

What Celebrities Are Thankful For

Despite they have almost everything celebrities are gratefully and have reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Press asked they for what they are thankful for. Australian actor Simon Baker said: “I’m thankful that America actually stood up and did something quite extraordinary with the election… I’ve been over here for 12 years and I have a green card and I’ve been delaying becoming a citizen because I was really troubled by the politics in this country, and sort of befuddled by it!”

Julia Roberts – The Actress & Her Top 5 Movies!

I love Julia Robert’s movies, and I will discuss the 5 that I like the most. She is a phenomenal actress who has played many different roles, such as the assistant, the best friend, a prostitute, a girlfriend, etc. She is truly versatile.

Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig and the Bond Phenomenon

James Bond features the best of everything British. James Bond enjoys the preeminence as being far more popular, appealing for more than four decades and continues to appeal to film lovers today not only in the UK but across the world. Old James Bond films are still interesting to watch and no matter how many times you watch them you still return to them year in and year out.

Corner Gas

Corner Gas has been a very popular television show in North America and despite its “corny” script, people not only tune in to watch each week, but also discuss the episodes throughout the day. What is it that draws us to this show?

Fact’s File – Gene Simmons

A magician called ‘Amaze-O’ had taught Gene Simmons how to breathe fire. The world record for shooting fire with one’s mouth is at 20 feet; Gene Simmons can shoot up to 15 feet high! That makes him the top five people in the world who can breathe fire.

About Exploitation Films

Exploitation films are a type of film that rely heavily on marketing that exploits or takes advantage of topics that are taboo, forbidden, or sensationalized and will attract a lot of popular and word-of-mouth attention without traditional marketing. Exploitation films have existed since the earliest days of Hollywood. For Example, two films that can be viewed on my site are exploitation films from the 1930s.

CW Pulled the Plug on Gossip Girl Videos on the Internet

Despite the highly controversial risque ad campaign, CW still didn’t rig in higher ratings during the Gossip Girl’s 2nd season. With only 2.44 million viewers, the 2nd season of the show did not meet the station’s expectation to raise the digits.

Onir – The Famous Bollywood Director and Producer

Onir is one of the most popular director-cum-producer in bollywood industry. His upcoming film is Sorry Bhei!. The film will release in November, 2008.