Al Capone and the Lexington Hotel

In movies like The Untouchables by Brian DePalma and in books like Chasing Eliot Ness by Michelle Regan, Al Capone is shown in the hotel, which soon became a prison for him. Because he was being hounded not only by Moran, but also by Eliot Ness, who was making a dent in the breweries that were the main business of the underworld leader, Capone had to travel in a bullet proof car whenever he left the hotel.

Remember Me

Robert Pattinson takes his first role away from the brooding vampire, however is this new role any different and is this movie any good? Keep on reading to find out.

A Look at the Most Popular Categories of Spanish TV Channels

Hard figures could be hard to come by, but there is no denying that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Spanish TV channels all over the world. Most of these are to be found in the parts of the world where Spanish is widely spoken. These would include Europe (particularly in Spain itself), and Latin America, where Spanish happens to be even more widely spoken than its European cradle-land.

How to Get Spanish TV Channels From Anywhere in the World

If you happen to live in the parts of the world where there are huge Spanish speaking populations, then you should have no real problem tuning into Spanish TV channels. Providers of TV programming, seeing these huge Spanish speaking populations are audiences to make money out of (one way or another) will tend to be more than eager to provide them with Spanish language TV programming. In situations like these, you will tend to find yourself spoilt for choice, with regard to which Spanish TV channels to tune into. Even where you don’t have much money to spend on TV, and all you are willing to make use of is the traditional free-to-air TV channels, you will still find more than enough Spanish content if you happen to be living in a part with a large enough Spanish speaking population.

Netflix is on My Wii

I’m always a little behind the times when it comes to gadgets and stuff, and it’s not for a lack of interest. Frankly, it’s just so hard to keep up with it all. Everything becomes obsolete in the wink of an eye.

The Wild West and John Wayne

The Wild West is an era in the United States that has fired the imagination of people all over the world. Talking from a personal angle the Wild West is a time of great romance and adventure. The heroes of this era from Dave Croquet to Buffalo Bill Cody have a hold on imagination that is hard to explain.

Summer TV Preview

The summer TV lineup often brings a few new shows, a few returning hits from previous summers, and a few returning shows that never quite made it in the more important fall and spring lineups. Knowing what makes the summer lineup so unique and different, and the decisions made at the networks behind what to air from may through august, can help you design a TV watching schedule that catches the good ones.

Movie Pages – To Enjoy Watching Movies With Comfort

In today’s time most of the people want to watch and enjoy the movies in the comfort of their room peacefully. They do not want to stand in the queues or wait outside the theaters to get the tickets and then for the show to begin. At home with the availability of DVD now watching movies has become very easy and most comfortable.

A Lost Review – Season 6 Episode 9 – “Ab Aeterno”

Thoughts and speculations about Episode 9 of Season 6 of the television show Lost, entitled “Ab Aeterno.” This review contains plot details and should only be read after watching the episode.

Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit – No Matter – Subscription TV is Easy to Get

If you already subscribe to a TV programming provider, congratulations. You enjoy access to a broad range of wonderful programming options… probably two hundred or more stations offering an almost limitless menu of TV shows that meet every entertainment desire or want.

A Brief Overview of Satellite TV

In the past few decades we all have become accustomed to the use of satellite TV in such a way that it no longer continues to be a luxury, however most of the people using this service are not aware of the technicalities which are involved in the initiation and final viewing of this data. The communication of information through the satellite and the final viewing of the transmitted channels involve the use of highly complex equipment.

Judging TV’s Judges

Folks who watch television regularly, particularly daytime television, know all about the judges and the courtrooms they preside over for thirty minutes of gritty and entertaining programming each day. Courtroom shows, featuring real litigants, are extremely popular right now.