The Changing Theme of Hollywood Patriotic Films

This article is about one type of Hollywood films, namely the patriotic movies. Hollywood has produced several such movies from war movies to disaster movies.

“DodgeBall” Had a $20 Million Budget, Made $167 Million, and is Simply Terrible

Only in Hollywood could a really terrible film with Ben Stiller that cost $20 million to produce pull in $167 worldwide. Welcome to “DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story”, which Dreamworks and MGM passed on and Fox finally agreed to make when Stiller reduced his salary to less than a $1 million. After seeing the unrated version of this comedic disaster, it would be difficult to recommend DodgeBall for viewing by youngsters at any rating. Find out why.

New Bachna Ae Haseeno 2008 – Song Details

After all Ranbir Kapoor is Rishi Kapoor’s son. So, of course parallels will be drawn between the two. But Ranbir and his film-makers seem to be obsessed with exploiting the star son’s famous legacy.

Why Buy a Tivo DVR

I am writing this article from the view of someone who grew up without cable TV. We had 3 major networks and PBS plus a couple local UHF stations. In the late 1970’s we finally got cable added to our street, needless to say this was a pretty big deal.

Chace Crawford Gives Funny Dating Advice

Having looked dreamy at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Chace Crawford donned a pair of sunnies and a low key outfit for a stroll around West Hollywood the next day.

The Zing Thing in Movie Posters

Movie posters have been around for ages now. For years, people have been seeing these posters and even using them around for different purposes.

Movie Posters – Invite Alfred Hitchcock to Your Place

Few moments of life are memorable, such as movie watching. You can bring such moments in your home in the form of movie posters.

Are Sitcoms Gone Forever?

With the complete domination of reality shows, it raises the question, will sitcoms ever return? This article takes a look at the disappearance of sitcoms in today’s TV world.

Terminator – Salvation – Spoiler Ending Revealed

Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row.

Three of the World’s Best Film Schools

There are many top film schools around the world. They will usually accept people of any age and background, but the requirements and prices can be steep at times.

The Incredibles Characters

The Incredibles Characters include Mr Incredible, also known as Robert or ‘Bob’ Parr who is the head of the Incredibles family. He has incredible strength and enhanced senses which enable him to sense danger from a long way off. He is not entirely content with not being at the centre of his super heroic works and searches for every available opportunity to get involved with fighting crime again.

The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

This is honestly perhaps the worst sequel I have had the ill-fated misery of watching. I cannot honestly say how exceedingly terrible this movie is. When I arrived at the auditorium where the movie was playing, I found myself surrounded by old people and about 50 children, and that alone tells you how awful this movie is.