Who’s Who in Bollywood – Actors

Despite the fact that Bollywood exceeds Hollywood in film output, Bollywood has a much smaller star system, which means Indian actors appear in far more films than their American counterparts-some doing as many as five movies a year. Luckily, that makes it easier for new fans to figure out who’s who. The following, while by no means comprehensive, is a rundown of the biggest and brightest male stars in the Bollywood universe.

Magic Movies

It seems everywhere you look there are movies with magic ranging form kids to adults. Magic movies about sorcery and witchcraft can be found just about anywhere. Two of the biggest series out right now are the Twilight series which is set to break records left and right.

Move Over Longoria, Mendes is Back!

The breath-taking Eva Mendes has come a long way since her days of “Stuck on You” opposite Matt Damon and had impressively attained the status of a Hollywood superstar. Often the focus of the paparazzi long and intruding SLR lenses, this mamacita once had aspired to become a nun and Hollywood was far from her wish list.

Hee Haw Ain’t Just For Hillbillies

Take a trip down the hallmark classics and get prepared for a lovely revelation in the hilarious package of American 70’s hit show, Hee Haw. Started as a fun country-music show, this program was heavily based on comedy sketches. Making an entrance as the untested last minute substitute for CBS’ The Smothers Brother Comedy Hour, this amusing show caught on for a good run of 22 years, entertaining a large American fan base.

Princess Video – 3 Reasons Why Tinkerbell is the Best Movie For Children

In this article we will discuss 3 reasons why Tinkerbell is the best movie for children. In this Disney princess video, Tinkerbell takes on the lead character and gives a memorable performance that is not only amusing, but offers an important message to its audience, young or old.

Great World War II Movies – From Patriotism to Realism

The movies made during the war, even the classics, emphasized patriotism. The perspective of time introduced more realism.

How the Movie Industry is Changing Its Focus

The movie industry is no different than any other industry when it comes to earning profits. Businesses are forced to change with the times or else risk being replaced by some new upstart who has a better handle on what its audience is looking for. You can really see changes in the way the movie industry is targeting its audience.

Why I Love “Lost”

Long after Lost bows out for good in 2010, Lost will remain a cult hit – a show that will be discussed at dinner tables, at coffee shops and at online blogs and social networking sites. Lost, akin to a great classic novel, will stand the test of time and will be open to various interpretations. Lost features all the classic ingredients of good storytelling: good vs. evil, science vs. faith, redemption, destiny, and of course, love.

Top 10 Taxi Drivers in Movies

From the earliest cinema, the humble work of the taxi driver has provided the backdrop for some incredible movies. Here’s our run-down of the top ten.

The Soloist (2009) – A True Story About Urban Homelessness

This film is based on a true story. A caring reporter of Los Angeles Steve Lopez (Robert Downey) tries to help a homeless man named Nathaniel Anthony Ayers (Jamie Foxx).

Wizard of Oz Turns 70 – Collecting Oz Movie Posters & Celebrity Autographs

If there ever was a time when Oz lovers were vilified for their passion it may be this week as Oz and the world celebrates 70 years of timeless wonder. For those of us who grew up watching this magical event once a year…

Famous Films Made in the Greek Islands

For those of us who haven’t visited Greek islands before, there are a multitude of images that come to mind – and many of them are positive. The Hollywood blockbuster Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (released 2001) is one piece of modern culture that has arguably inspired a new generation of people to visit locations such as Cephalonia.