Watch Online Documentaries Critically

In an ideal world when a filmmaker set out to create a documentary the first thing he would do would be to gather the meaningful information concerning the topic he wished to cover. Then, using his skills as director and editor, he would produce a film without bias which properly conveyed the reality of the situation involved.

Appaloosa (2008) Review

I went to the LA premiere of “Appaloosa” tonight. Before the screening an executive described the film to the audience as Ed Harris’s vision and introduced Harris as the most obsessive filmmaker he has ever worked with. Thus, I thought Ed Harris was just being humble in telling the crowd, “we made the film for you to enjoy, so enjoy it.

Choosing Between Different DVD Rental Trials

If you are looking to join an online DVD rental service, the good news is you can try it out first! Find out how to choose between the different DVD rental trials that are currently being offered in the UK.

Find Out What’s on Television

If you’re like me, you want to find out what a source that lists all the television shows that are on for tonight to maximize your time when watching primetime television. With CBS, NBC, ABC, WB, and FOX fighting for ratings along with a plethora of strong cable companies including MTV, VH1, TBS, TNT, Showtime, and HBO, television shows look promising. With the advent of the Internet, we’re no longer forced to only use a tv guide or an on screen television guide.

Indian Films Are Not Woman-Friendly

Indian films have played a great role in building national spirit. Hindi songs are now pan Indian phenomena and the dancers of southern India are ‘homely names’. But the themes and underlined messages emanating from these films are not encouraging for women. In these sex and violence packed movies, neither the women are shown in their true perspective nor they get their due share of importance in society. And as cinema is the most powerful medium for cultivating views, the biased attitude has resulted in huge setback in honouring the freedom of women in India.

5 Best SNL Political Impersonations

With a bevy of new shows and returning favorites, I’d have to say SNL is really something I look forward to. Aside from the gags, the skits and the musical guests, what really gets me rolling on the floor, hysterically laughing are the political impersonations.

Screwball Vs Rom Coms – Screwy Resolutions

Watching Just Like Heaven the other day, it struck me that the endings to modern rom-coms are all essentially the same. The couple catch up with each other in a rose garden, on a rain soaked street, or atop the Empire Street Building, they kiss, the camera pulls out, and a Nat King Cole song leads us into the credits. To many viewers this might seem to be par for the course.

Summer Glau the Irresistable Psychopathic Killer Robot From the Future

Summer Glau is the hottest psychopathic killer robot from the future I’ve ever seen. Her cold persona and lack of emotions when she’s killing or thinking about killing people is somehow completely lovable. The producers of ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ have achieved something great in Cameron, John Connors terminatrix protector and companion and part time malfunctioning assassin, played by the irresistable Summer Glau.

Shia LaBeouf Thrills to Death in Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is a conventional thriller that is tense, edgy and when put together with a strong cast, it can be considered solid entertainment. This movie hinges upon an incredible conceit that rapidly unfolds and challenges the viewer every chance it gets. The basic story is a familiar one.

Movies You Love Where CCTV Systems Rove

No other movie industry can beat the juggernaut of Hollywood. No, not even the sing-and-dance movies of Bollywood and the chop-and-kick films of China come close to rivaling the influence, imagination and income of Hollywood.

Shows on MTV

There are some MTV shows out there that you just need to watch. MTV has new reality shows every year which take you into the lives of celebrities. The Hills, The Real World and Rob & Big just to name a few.

Oprah – Baby Boomers Best

Oprah the most influential talk show host. She is generous, good and has interviewing skills second to none.